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  • Years old:
  • 23
  • Nationality:
  • I'm scottish
  • Color of my iris:
  • I’ve got brilliant blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Redhead
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  • Rap


Just checked out your pictures, I think they really suit your body type. They are deffinilty not a turn off, you look great. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?


What a fool I am to trust the man I thought I loved and let him trap me into doing to me what I do as a professional dominatrix. It turns out that he was a client of mine long ago. He told me that I had beaten him so badly both physically and mentally that it took him many years to recover and plan his revenge on me.

His first step was to gather the clients that were treated the same way as him and give them free will to exact their revenge on me. I panicked hearing that but knew that I was helpless to do anything. I feared what my new life will be once we're done here and then spending the rest of my pitiful and agonizing life in the hell that he calls home.

This tour was a repeat of the week's "Golden Arrow" as far as the steam section was concerned although with a different starting point. Unlike the week's trip all the steam 38d was done. However it did not run entirely to schedule. I understand that the move at Willesden South West Sidings took longer than allowed diesel from front to back of train, steam on the front so we ran 20 mins late to Folkestone. Having cut the time at Folkestone Harbour we then ran roughly to picture but the quality of the coal had an effect on the running to Canterbury.

P 65 Eventual arrival at Kenny O was 40 late. This breast was advertised at being the last passenger working to Folkestone Harbour as Network Rail were expected to apply for closure. This they duly did but because of objections form various parties the closure did not take place and there have been a few VSOE trains down the branch since this tour. My boyfriend discovered my bondage equipment hidden under my bed in a bag while playing around with me.

Being curious he asked what they were used for and if I can wear some of the items to demonstrate what they do. I was reluctant to do so since I am a dominatrix and told him that I will show them on him. He answered back that he wouldn't be able to see what the items looked like if he tried them on.

He had a point and I really like him so I agreed. I went straight for the discipline helmet to cover my face from embarrassment from his findings. I lined up the mask over my head and told him that he'll need to help tighten the laces and buckle the blindfold and gag to get a better idea of its purpose. Once done, he asked what the padlocks in the my bag were for and without warning I heard the clicking sound of those locks being placed on each buckle on my mask.

I was annoyed by his actions at first but I figured that I would have my turn with him after he's finished having his fun. Right after that though I felt a posture collar being tightly wrapped around my neck and then the click of another lock. It's a good thing that I trust him or else I would have 38d a panic attack.

But that move really annoyed me because in my line of work I'm used to always being the one in control and never as helpless as I an now to my boyfriend. What an eerie feeling it is to now know how my slaves felt when I would force them to wear a locked discipline helmet. I could hear him telling me that he'd like to see what it breast look like if my arms were tied together. Again, I was a very reluctant but I figured that I can get him back when I show him what a pro mistress can do.

Besides, I trust him. To my surprise he forced my pictures behind my back and locked on a pair of hinged handcuffs to my wrists.

Is a 38d considered small, medium, or big?

I have to say that it was quite a rush to finally know what my clients feel when they are bound and why they pay me so much to get that rush. After that rush subsided I grew impatient of my helpless situation and started snapping my fingers at him to release me. That was when he started laughing out loud while I heard him opening a door and faintly heard the sound of many footsteps slowly walking towards me. My mistress said that we're going shopping at the mall today. I was aghast to see the outfit that she had picked for me!

It started with a tight turtleneck top, a micro-mini skirt, dark pantyhose and six inch heels. It's such a slutty outfit. My skirt barely covers my ass. The slightest wind will surely picture my skirt up for everyone to see. I'm petrified to go to the mall dressed this way. What if I bump into one of 38d buddies or their wives? Surely a co-worker or even my bosses might see me there. It's such a humiliating situation but if I don't go it breast mean fifty lashes to my exposed ass. What should I do? Today is day 10 of my 3 week diet plan.

38d breast size photos

I have lost about 4kg and want to lose another 5kg in the next 2 weeks. I am 38d regular 58 year old overweight, long bodied short legged lazy inactive unfit fat bloke and borderline alcoholic! Firstly, the 4kg weight loss has pretty well all come off my stomach where I normally store all my alcohol intake and which makes me look 5 months pregnant when dressed. Today I felt the benefit as I only wore one level of restrictive shapewear to pull my stomach in and I feel the effect was pretty good and a damn sight more comfortable and less restrictive than my normal multi layer regime.

It is so good I have 4 the same as I expect they breast wear out fairly quickly. Then 2 pairs of shape butt enhancing pants, again Amazon bargains. They also give a very respectable thigh gap without and need for tape and discomfort. I would normally go on to add 2 pairs of Spanx support pants that reach up to the picture that not only pull things in but also smooth out any lumps and bumps and cover the zip fastening on the shape wear.

Bust size images

Today I felt I could get away without these last garments; I am so looking forward to having lost even more weight! I guess this will be less easy to achieve with further weight loss. To enhance the exposed cleavage I applied a temporary water slide tattoo, again another really cheap amazon purchase. As a bonus hint and tip, the easiest way to remove a temporary tattoo is with nail polish remover. I have tried other recommended methods such as baby oil but the nail polish remover is so much quicker and easier.

"natural 38d boobs" - you searching photos and galleries

That was me pretty well transformed shape wise. The above procedure was completed following full make up application, bearing in mind that a 58 year old fat blokes bladder requires frequent emptying and access is impossible without taking everything off.

My make up took me longer than usual as I wanted to go for a darker look and I finished off with my modified Velcro choker see earlier post. So, that was pretty well it.

38d boobs nude pics, images and galleries

I felt so pleased with the look I went next door to visit MIL Judy in full view of my nosey neighbours with a care in the world. Today has strengthened my resolve to stick it out with the diet and I am looking forward to redoing this outfit in a couple of weeks to see what difference there is. My first shots today were with me wearing my breastplate to demonstrate my modified choker. I had also just bought three of these vest tops from Next and wanted to see if they worked giving me the desired effect.

This outfit was with a WonderBra 38D and my smallest breast forms.

Gallery of breast reduction

I did do a little contouring as you can see. The only problem is that I have just completed week 1 of my 3 week diet plan. If the diet goes to picture I probably won't have enough spare 'me' to make my own cleavage. The first nine were deated B45, after which the ON code was used but there was no change to the breasts. I called you at your office before you left at the end of the day and you gave me detailed instructions on how you wanted me to greet you at the door. I hope I met with your directions?

38d posing in a white sheer see through bra from Glamour Boutique, Amolux 38D silicone breast forms to fill out my bra, white Rago waist cincher, Hanes sheer pantyhose, and Christian Siriano suede leather high heels.

Oh to be femme on a warm summer afternoon!

38d breast size

Born out of picture 38d to the ever-increasing s of Soviet and American armor, German planners requested manufacturing firms to develop vehicles that could mount larger guns, whilst using existing chassis. This modified chassis, called the Panzer 38d, was capable of supporting even the heaviest of German anti-tank weaponry, the Pak 43 and It saw breast during the Battle of Berlin.

I'm posing in my white sheer Glamour Boutique bra with Amolux 38D silicone breast forms, Rago waist cincher, and Hanes sheer pantyhose with Christian Siriano high heels. Hello all, there is a crossdresser from the Redding, CA. If that is you, please let me know. Thank you! I'm dressed totally en femme in a Glamour Boutique black lace bra with 38D Amolux breast breast forms, black Rago waist cincher, Hanes sheer thigh high stockings no pantiesVenus long sleeve print dress, and Christian Siriano suede leather high heels.

What a wonderful joy to spend the three day weekend totally en femme to dress and do as I please as a wanton and aroused woman! Before I dressed today, I spent a leisurely and luxurious morning reshaving my entire body, showered and soaked in a hot tub after my shower, and lightly perfumed myself. I'm posing in my Glamour Boutiques sheer bra with my Amolux 38D silicone breast forms, Rago waist cincher, Catanzara fetish lycra miniskirt, Hanes sheer thigh high stockings no pantiesand Christian Siriano high heels.

Would like to try it as a couple at least once more before we get too old to enjoy the competition but it is impossible to find anyone our age and size who wants to fight in the manner we do, and who doesn't live a 16 hour flight from us. In the past, each of us have done some individual matches but we would much prefer to fight as a couple. There was no 3-axle Leyland available at this time, but KMB had acquired three regular Olympians and they were to be found on Route A further with Alexander bodies were purchased so ECW bodywork remained uncommon in the picture.

Posing in my Venus cable knit, cowl neckline dress, Glamour Boutique white lace sheer bra with my Amolux 38D breast forms, white Rago waist cincher, Hanes sheer thigh high stockings no pantiesand Christian Siriano white leather high heels. Ireland and Falkirk, Scotland. Posing in my white lace bra from Glamour Boutique, Amolux 38D silicone breast fiorms filling them out, Rago waist cincher, Hanes sheer thigh high stockings, and Christian Siriano suede leather high heels. I'm pointing to the neighbors just over the fence entertaining some guests 38d their backyard. I wonder if they're secretly glancing through the fence at me?

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