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Christian young people should dress in a way consistent with Biblical principles of decency. Decency in dress implies that others are not embarrassed, distracted, or tempted. In 1 Timothy and 1 Peterwe are asked to refrain from extremes which call attention to ourselves. The manner of dress is directly related to the kind of people we are and what we think ourselves to be. Christian character includes being disciplined in the areas of clothing, hair, and make-up.


Yesterday evening I clicked on the YouTube button on my phone to see what new videos YouTube had recommended. If you watch this video that she made of herself, where she is watching her video monitor as she is recording, it is unmistakable what the purpose and focus of her video is:.

One of the first things that came to my mind when I saw this video, was the news articles and media stories that arise when teenage girls are sent home from school for wearing yoga pants. High school and middle school principals try to explain that the school has a written dress code policy about what is appropriate and inappropriate attire, sometimes specifically saying that yoga pants can only be worn underneath skirts or shorts, not uncovered.

The high school and middle school administrators try to explain that the school dress code is intended to make the school environment conducive to learning, and not full of unwanted distractions. Sometimes, a teacher or administrator may go so far as to explain that teenage boys are very susceptible to being distracted by revealing clothing worn by the opposite sex.

The young ladies that are sent home from school for wearing yoga pants, and their mothers, claim that being a sexual distraction was the furthest thing from their minds, that this was not their intention at all, they never even thought of it. And, that maybe the problems lies with the young boys, not their young daughters, who were merely minding their own business and not causing any problems.

The YouTube video that I have shown above, shows that young ladies do have the intention of trying to put their vagina on display by wearing yoga pants in order to get attention.

The point that I am trying to make, is that from an early age all women try to get attention by their physical appearance if they are able to do so. The funny thing, or rather the fucked-up thing, is that women at the same time they are trying their hardest to get attention by their physical appearance with such tactics as revealing clothing, high heals, and breast implants, they will try to cry that they are victims who are being exploited or unwillingly sexualized. Another thing that I could point out, is that in a public place, if this young lady was acting this exact same way to get people to focus on her reproductive anatomy, whether a young man, an adult man, a male teacher, or a male parent, the male could be accused of some type of inappropriate or illegal behavior on their part.

In this scenario the young lady would actually be the perpetrator and the male would be the victim, but women try to lie, pretend, and deceive that women are innocent victims.

Women are liars and deceivers about everything, especially the exploitation of women.

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Students are expected to be neat, clean, and dressed for the learning environment.


If your school lets you wear jeans every day, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


If your school lets you wear jeans every day, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.