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  • I'm 25 years old
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  • I'm thai
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  • Girl
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  • Beer
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  • None


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Ahsoka Tano is finally coming as a playable hero in Battlefront II! Which means console players are left out.

Also, oddly enough, Aayla can only throw one lightsaber at a time. But it also enabled players across the entire skill spectrum to have a good time, as the bots are — if compared to seasoned veteran players — easier targets.

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Re: Offline galactic assault please? EA has ended support for this game so sadly this will never happen. Galactic Conquest made its return in Battlefront II, with many of the original aspects from the game applied as well.

Players still take turns attacking planets and earning control of them, but now they can make tactical decisions thanks to the map screen.

It is the only combat mode available on every map, excluding space maps space maps have a mode called Assault which is basically Conquest in space. This mode spans all three Star Wars eras and has scenarios unique to each map.

Mind Trick: Rey causes nearby enemies to be dazed and confused for a brief period of time. Insight: Rey takes a moment to deeply sense her surroundings, revealing and highlighting all nearby enemies.

The changes are live! Destiny 2. Will Ahsoka ever be in Battlefront 2?

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Is Aayla Secura in Battlefront 2? How many lightsabers does Aayla Secura have? Are there bots in battlefront? Is Galactic Assault playable offline?

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We also got the worst.


Galactic Republic.


Aayla Secura in the world of games Battlefront 2.