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  • My age:
  • I'm 28 years old
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • Silvery
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • Libra
  • Favourite music:
  • Rock
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Roller-skating
  • I like piercing:
  • I don't have piercings
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


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Iron weight plates clanked, barbells were hoisted, shit was talked and muscles were pumped to the brink on the way to eye-popping Adonis physiques and the ultimate in badassdom. That film made Schwarzenegger a seven-time Mr. Olympia, a sports icon, prompting many buckweighing bodybuilder-wannabes to flock to the local gym, in hopes of eventually looking like his favorite muscle-bound hero.

Olympia Heath, of the upcoming movie that chronicles his chase for his second Sandow. I hope people keep an open mind to what we actually do. We are the guinea pigs of society, but we get the worst level of respect for that.

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Want s? Dig it: Six of the Top 10 finalists in the Mr. Olympia contest were black.

Seven of the Top 10 finalists in the Mr. No one talks about this, but the only bodybuilder to ever defeat Schwarzenegger, head-to-head for the Mr. Digging deeper, of the 13 Mr. Olympia winnersever, six are black, with five of them winning multiple times, including Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman who each won an unprecedented eight times. But why are brothers so dominant in the sport? One of the biggest reasons for blacks doing so well is our genetics. The men are Herculean. Self-described freaks.

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They strut, preen and flex with ferocious intensity. Compulsory poses. Relaxed poses.

Free poses set to music. Think peacock; no feathers, though. Just muscles. Chiseled, scary-huge muscles. Squeezing and clenching every bulging muscle as if it were as dire as breathing. No shirt. No pants.

No shoes. No bullshit. Nothing but Speedos and the of the blood, sweat and tears culled from brutal workouts, extreme dieting and meticulous preparation. All there for the eye to see, daring you to judge, daring you to find flaw. This is what competitive bodybuilding judges must observe and decipher.

African bodybuilder images

But how does one even get that big? Who are these guys before all this? Most of them played football, a sport that requires time in the weight room. The year was It was the 3A state basketball championship game in the Kingdome in Seattle. Rainier Beach High School vs. Olympia High School. Phillip Heath played guard in the backcourt with current L. Based on his stellar play, Heath went on to play Division I basketball at the University of Denver, windmill-dunking on cats with authority long before beefing up to a whopping pounds for competitive bodybuilding.

Already built like a buffed beast while crossing cats on the hardwood, bodybuilding was a natural progression for the longtime fitness nut. The hardest transition was to realize that bodybuilding is not like being a ball player. You can not go out and party until 4 a.

Nah, son. No clubs, no bars and no making it rain in striptease establishments. To truly make a mark in this sport, to be competition-ready, there is no other compulsion other than training, dieting and sleeping. Train, diet, sleep, train, diet, sleep.

Endless cycles of bulking and cutting phases, built on precooked meals with enough chicken to open a Chik-Fil-A franchise. Not something you can do part-time and be successful. No slacking.

No days off. Olympia winners in 49 years. Becoming Mr. Olympia is rare, like pitching a perfect game.

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After soccer, bodybuilding is king. When I travel to different places like India, I have four security guards with me at all times. In Germany, I had private security. I, literally, get mobbed. Another knock against professional bodybuilding, that is being addressed slowly but surely, is the shortage of prize money for contest winners. Back in the day, winning the Mr. These days, though, the prize money for first place in the Arnold Classic and Mr. Top-ranked athletes get paid by doing contests, endorsing supplement companies, endorsing publication companies, making guest appearances and ings.

African american bodybuilder posing images

The culture code of the sport has swung from cultish curiosity to full-on international sensation. Musclehe may appear to be freaks of nature, hulking amongst us, lifting and flexing with reckless abandon, but their drive and commitment and passion to push their bodies to the limit are just as worthy of admiration as the athletes that used to adorn your Wheaties boxes.

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These physique athletes set the bar in their sports and provided inspiration for millions of people.


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