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  • Age:
  • 23
  • Sex:
  • Fem
  • I understand:
  • French
  • Figure features:
  • My figure features is quite muscular
  • My favourite drink:
  • Absinthe
  • Hobbies:
  • I like drawing


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Steve and Snot alter their futures and throw a party for the uncool kids, meanwhile Roger is disgruntled when a waitress doesn't compliment his order. Home Tv shows American Dad! Guys, we made it.

We're finally invited to a party with the cool. That's right, boys.

Once again, we're being socially rewarded thanks to my Kermit the frog voice. Seriously, guys. Shut the [Bleep] up. Oh, this is great. You guys came! Of course. One needn't always watch "C. Cyber" the night that it airs.

Turn your invitations over. Why didn't we read the back? Do we have to stay for this?

What's the etiquette here? Go on without me! Never leave a friend behind. Ha ha! Oh, man. Looks like the party really took off after we left. Should we have stayed?

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I just wanted to go to one awesome party. Throw your own party. E-excuse me? You're sick of not having parties to dad to? Throw your own. Sounds to me like you boys deserve your moment of being cool. That was weird. Gentlemen, lolo man at Bobby Freeze was on to something. And when a weird man approaches you, a young boy in public, you do what he tells you. We're having a party. My parents are on vacation in Sarajevo. Every four years, they like to tour a former Olympic site so they fuentes imagine what the games were like and reflect on how the Olympians' best days are long behind them.

Great idea for a vacation. The Olympics create more problems than they fix for a city. And every year, they leave me a special allowance in case I decide to have some fun while they're away. I've never touched it. And the popular kids won't be invited. It'll be for kids like us The dorks and nerds. And the kids who are both american and unattractive. Aren't those dorks? No, dorks are often quite good-looking. We'll invite small head David, uh, friendless Becky Fleming. Lolo Fuentes. Sexually curious homeschooled girl Lolo Fuentes? Her parents don't let her leave the house.


Maybe she'd sneak out for this. A party for the The deaf kids! Francine, come and picture what it was like to watch the opening ceremonies from here. Ever done it in an abandoned eastern bloc sports arena? Mmm, that depends. Is Romania in the eastern bloc? And does it still count if the stadium was full of screaming spectators? What kind of food is "Nouveau Fretalian"? Stick with me. I'm gonna nail my order. What can I get you? I guess I'll have the beet salad, and, um, the Risotto, and a glass of red wine. Um, anything that's not too expensive. Great order.

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Oh, please. I'll have the tuna tartare with quail egg, the duck with pear mostarda, and a glass of Prosecco. I'll put that in right away. How could she compliment your order and not mine? Did she? Please, she practically dry-humped your turd of an order. Mine was inspired. She should've said "great order" to me! Maybe she sensed that you were gonna make me pay. Of course you're paying for this. Who do you think was paying for this? That I'd pay for this? After the way I've been treated?! Whoa, it's packed!

Yo, I heard you losers are having a party. And I go to every party 'cause I kinda have a drinking problem. If you would just stand on that "X," someone will be along to take your coat. Coat check! Nice touch. It's actually a little chilly. I might hang on to my coat. Hey, Mertz! How do you like your eggs? I like 'em hard-boiled in the Winter so I can put 'em in my pockets and keep my hands warm on my walk to Guys, we've become what we despise.

Our reign of cool starts now.

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I'm you, Steve, from the year And I'm you, Snot, and we're here to warn you. You can't go back to that party. If you're from the future, who wins the world series next year? Rene Russo.

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Lolo Fuentes is a sexually curious home-schooled girl that attends Steve and his friend's party for the outcasts in " The Unincludeds ".


Steve and Snot alter their futures when they throw a party for the uncool


And the kids that are both stupid and unattractive!