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  • I'm 48 years old
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  • Swedish
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  • Male
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  • Russian
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  • Cancer
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  • I like looking after pets


In Cloth there are a ton of jokes, sure not all of them are winners, but they seem to put a joke just whenever they could - not just in almost every line of dialog, but there are tons of jokes in the background - every you see, every character who does something there is always a joke attached. But the real strength of the show is the pacing and rythm. If you replace every joke in a touch of cloth with a normal line you will get a normal detective show, everything is spoken in a quick deadpan like normal dialog and it follows the normal story beats perfectly.


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I haven't even heard a peep about the show. Really enjoyed it. Not sure why they released it all in one go again I'm told they did that with the first season so I'm really hoping it's not a burn off.

Also, am always thrilled to see Eliza Coupe, but it's funny that she's playing a doctor and Angie an intern when ten years ago she was on Scrubs: Interns we're not calling it the 9th season. That's unfair. I sure did!

I love that show and was glad to see it's return! Lots of sight gags and play on words jokes.

Reminds me of Police Squad the TV series. Does Police Squad holds up nowadays?

Which angie tribeca episode is your favorite?

I have really good memories as watching the Naked Gun movies. I finished the last two episodes before I went to bed last night.

And I have thoughts and questions. Thoughts: Kiersy Clemmons was really funny to me and I thought she was a great addition.

Just watched a new orleans episode of angie tribeca (spoof cop show, like naked gun). they definitely got this part right

The episode where she has the eating gag and also the Fargo episode. As for questions: Where the hell is Hayes McArthur?

Did he leave the show and they didn't announce it? Also very weird but Am I the only one who notice Rashida Jones was barely I the last two episodes.

And it couldn't have been a writting thing cause in the last one, they had the male villain play her in the last episode until the very end. But anyways I really really liked it and I hope they have anothet season. I liked it but missed Hayes MacArthur. I really think the show was better with him and Rashida together.

Angie tribeca similar?

I hope there is a season 5 so he can come back! But I enjoyed Bobby Cannavale. It just would have been better with Jay Giles too. It seemed straighter and a lot more simplistic to me, not as packed with visual gags as before, definitely the least good season so far in my opinion.

I still watched the whole thing so I guess that says a bad season of Angie Tribeca is still entertaining television. I watched the first night but I wasn't home for the second. I'm sure they'll rerun it soon enough, it's TBS after all.

Wow I watched the first two seasons of it and then completely stopped I don't know why. I like it so far I hope there is a season 5 because I think the new cast members will find their groove with the rest of the squad soon.

It has a shit ton of potential to be a great show! But do did People of Earth.

It has been one of my favorites the past few years. Def hope so too.

Angie tribeca - hyper binge season 1 & 2

Found the internet! Anyone watch Angie Tribeca season 4? Any thoughts on it? Just starting now.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Waiting til they put it on Hulu. Liked seasons fairly well.

I just discovered angie tribeca

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Because the plot of the show isn't its driving force.


So fantastic!


Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.


I think Hamibal is my favorite parody.