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PG min Adventure, Family, Fantasy. A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods. R min Action, Drama, Fantasy.


Blood of Zeus is the newest Netflix Original Anime to make it to the popular streaming service. The new show pulls from Greek Mythology to find its cast of over-powered anime heroes. The ancient Greek setting is refreshing in a genre that usually leans into Medieval fantasy tropes when inspired by Western culture. Fans of Greek Mythology and anime will both be happy with the world created in Blood of Zeus.

The anime genre originated in the country of Japan. For this reason anime series often build their fictional setting with Japanese culture in mind. In the age of globalization that current anime fans find themselves in today, new settings and cultures continue to break the mold of the traditional anime. Some of the shows listed below stretch the definition of anime in a similar manner to the new Netflix Original Blood of Zeus, while others share similar themes or characters.

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As one of the most well received Netflix Original anime series, Castlevania is a must see for fans of Blood of Zeus. The show originally aired with only four episodes, but was so well received that Netlflix has continued to let the anime series run for three seasons. The story of the anime is inspired by the video games it gets its name from. It sets its characters in a gothic, medieval setting where mythological creatures and monsters terrorize the vaguely European world much like in Blood of Zeus. Dragon's Dogma is another Netflix Original anime inspired by a video game of the same name.

Like Castlevaniathis anime series fits neatly in the Medieval fantasy genre and deals with adult themes much like Blood of Zeus. If viewers went to Blood of Zeus because of their interest in the European canon of mythology, they will certainly enjoy Dragon's Dogma.

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This anime series also released inbut portrays mythological creatures like the griffin in a beautiful 3D animation style you won't find in its Greek inspired counterpart. For fans that went to Blood of Zeus for a show that blends the anime genre with western media, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a must see.

Though it may not technically count as an anime, the shows art style pulls directly from the Japanese art form. The show has an incredible voice cast and can help casual consumers work their way toward the more intense anime series that embrace the genres tropes.

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If Blood of Zeus can function as the first step toward pulling a western audience into the anime fanbase, then Avatar: The Last Airbender can be the second step. If Blood of Zeus and Avatar: The Last Airbender are the first and second steps toward pulling fans of western animation into the anime fanbase, then The Legend of Korra is the third and final step. The sequel to the first Avatar series lives up to its predecessor with fantastic voice acting and incredible animations. This show also leans more heavily on anime tropes, setting the shows protagonist up against giant mecha suits and spirits that match the de of the giants of the deep that were introduced in Blood of Zeus.

Watching Hera fight alongside the giants of the deep in the final episode of Blood of Zeus will remind those that have already seen Attack on Titan of Eren Yeager.

Though he is much more of a protagonist than an antagonist, the boy finds himself at the center of a of thrilling battles between monster and man. If viewers enjoyed the battles in the first and final episodes they will love the battles between the titans.

Athena cartoon illustrations & vectors are available royalty-free.

The giants of the deep are each unique and well deed, yet pale in comparison to some of the giant titans introduced in Attack on Titan. Record of Lodoss War is an older anime. The Medieval athena anime aired all the way back inand tells a political story that involves a plot to greek the sitting emperor.

Viewers of Blood of Zeus that enjoyed the court drama that saw the Greek goddess debating over the law and its interpretation in the present day will love Record of Lodoss War. This show is proof of the fact that hypocritical rulers have been a topic of discussion in the anime genre for decades. The legend of Godzilla is as much a staple of Japanese mythology as the story of Zeus' infidelity is a staple of Greek mythology. The anime adaptation of the tale combines the sci-fi and monster horror genres to tell a thrilling story of betrayal. Those that enjoyed the battles between the gods and the giants in the first and final episodes of Blood of Zeus will find themselves pleasantly surprised by Godzilla.

Like the new Netflix Original anime, viewers may not be able to recognize the true villains in Godzilla just by looking at them. Episode four of Blood of Zeus follows Hermes into the underworld. The domain of Hades that viewers see is a very detailed depiction of the afterlife and a big part of the Greek mythology canon. Viewers that Anime Blood of Zeus wishing for more content detailing the Greek afterlife will surely enjoy Death Parade.

The anime that aired in does not depict the same afterlife shown in Blood of Zeusbut it plays with viewers expectations of what happens to humans after they've left the land of the living.


The Arbiters are fantastic characters and Oculus manages to be both more relatable and more terrifying than the god of the underworld depicted in Blood of Zeus. Blood of Zeus brings the gods of Olympus into the anime genre with the entirety of the Grecian art style in mind.

The characters are unique from the traditional anime character desand fit in perfectly with the Greek setting behind them. Knights Of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya is not as visually stunning, but it tells a story of the Greek gods that has never been told before. If fans missed Athena in Blood of Zeusthey will be pleased to hear that an anime exists with the goddess of wisdom as its protagonist. Knights of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya tells the story of Athena after she is reincarnated in the present day.

It is a thrilling adventure and the CGI animation makes it a stand out amongst anime series. Those that appreciate Blood of Zeus for its connection to the western literary canon, will love Seven Deadly Sins.

Though it pulls from Medieval European mythology instead of Greek mythology, it gives its viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture it pulls its story from. The law that Hera holds Zeus able for in Blood of Zeus is replaced with the holy law in Seven Deadly Sins and just like the Netflix Original, these laws are as vague as they are damning.

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Blood of Zeus is a new anime from Netflix with a fresh but faithful take on Greek mythology.


Blood of Zeus is the newest Netflix Original Anime to make it to the popular streaming service.