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  • I am 21
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  • I'm finnish
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  • I’ve got cold green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • English, Chinese


But actually it goes back much further than that. Isaac Asimov's critique of the "ugly girl with glasses becoming popular" from is spectacular. Despite knowing better, there was a part of me which really believed getting contacts would instantly transform me, granting me some Rachael Leigh Cook in the red dress, walking downstairs to meet Freddie Prinze Jr. I still refuse to go out anywhere social while wearing glasses.


We investigate the long-standing stereotype….

The same scenario tends to repeat itself: a girl with glasses, braces, a unique sense of style and intelligence to boot finds love when she gets a makeover, ridding herself of her glasses in the process. Until that point, she was probably invisible in the eyes of her classmates and even mocked for her appearance.

She dresses slightly differently, wears glasses, has no interest in plucking her eyebrows or even spending that much time on her appearance in general. Zach is the high school heartthrob, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. He is the full package: intelligent, captain of the football team and admired by pretty much everyone else at school.

Epitomizing the stereotype, there comes the moment when the guy asks the girl if she has always worn glasses and has ever considered contacts. The conclusion is writ large and the stereotype upheld… you cannot be beautiful if you insist on wearing glasses.

She plays the character of Mia, a young woman who discovers that she is a princess. Not quite the example of self-acceptance you might expect to be presented to the impressionable young people this film is aimed at, who may be struggling with the idea of wearing glasses in the mistaken belief that glasses make them look ugly!

The story shares certain similarities with Ugly Bettyplayed by America Ferrera. Betty also has glasses, braces, her own look… in spite of which she tries to make her way in the world of fashion. Of course, the premise was the same, the main character an apparently unattractive yet intelligent young woman, who has to put up with insults from her colleagues and being constantly belittled.

Another adaptation of this soap opera, German this time, Verliebt in Berlincan be summed up as follows: young woman, not blessed in the looks department, tries to succeed in the cutthroat world of fashion. There are plenty more examples, another one being Katy Perry in her music video for Last Friday Nightin which she plays a teenager, complete with large glasses, mouth guard and a crush on the best-looking guy at school.

The message is clear. To be beautiful, try switching to contacts instead.

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So, it is up to us to ask how an invention deed to improve our eyesight and our lives, could end up being used — among other things — to convey ugliness in pop culture? But of course, there is no acceptable explanation, or any study that could try to answer that. Goodbye Glasses, Hello Beauty?

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Posted February 13, Reviewed by Ekua Hagan.


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