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As Hollywood has proudly exemplified, Asian men hairstyles have a full range of style options. From spikes and mid-length fades to side sweeps and angular fringe hairstyles, Asian men have plenty of hair choices that are not always afforded to other nationalities. Below you will find the 40 hottest Asian men hairstylesand each of them is definitely worth considering before your next visit to the salon. Wondering what Asian hairstyles men love? Look no further. Asian men of mixed ethnicity tend to have thicker hair.


Asian men hairstyles become very popular, with the influence of hair fashion trends such as Korean Pop in recent years. Therefore, we have gathered the best Asian men haircuts from different Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China in the Far East. Thus, you can get inspired by these hairstyle alternatives. Due to Asian men usually have thick and straight hair types, they can wear almost all hairstyles. Therefore, we can say that Asian men hairstyles have unlimited variety.

Also, there are great styling alternatives for Asian guys with longshortand medium-length hair. Famous Korean artists, popular Chinese movie stars, and Japanese male models are the source of inspiration for fashionable Asian men haircuts. So, the of men who ask barbers for Asian-style haircuts is increasing day by day. Two block haircut, k-pop hairstyle, samurai man bun, Asian fade, Asian undercut are some of the trendy Asian men hairstyles.

Blonde asian celebrities who are totes our new hair idols

If you want to try one of these amazing haircuts, take a glance at our gallery. K-Pop, one of the trending music genres originating from South Korea, has been helped to the birth of many modern Asian men hairstyles. Today, several men around the world prefer the hairstyles of Korean Pop artists. Also, this style is frequently applied by hairstylists and hairdressers. Interestingly, they are very similar to bowl cuts. If you like K-Pop hairstyles, we recommend you try one of them.

Stylish asian men hairstyles ( asian haircuts)

Classic Asian men hairstyles are suitable for business life. This style has a professional vibe thanks to its serious and stylish look. There is no big difference in hair length between the top and sides. They are easy to maintain. It is possible to style it by spending a little time.

If you want, you can add shine and slickness to your hair by using some hair styling products. Samurai Bun is a traditional and authentic Asian men hairstyle. This hairstyle, which has its origins in the samurai, the legendary warriors of Japan, is still preferred by men today. Long hair is all you need to have a samurai bun hairstyle. You can consult your barber about what you need to pay attention to while growing your hair. Messy Asian men hairstyles reflect a free spirit. We can say that voluminous and messy hair looks pretty cool and eye-catching. This style requires a little bit of effort for styling.

However, its stylish look deserves some time and energy. The quiff is one of the favorite hairstyles of Asian men. It looks very sleek with cropped sides and back.

Also, haircutting techniques such as fade, undercut, or taper is used in modern versions. The quiff works well with thick hair. Fringe is among popular and trendy Asian men hairstyles. If you prefer this haircut, you can have a lot of style options. Textured fringe, asymmetrical fringe, angular fringe are some of them.

Also, it is possible to get a modern Asian haircut by tapering your sides and back. So, it can combine with many contemporary hairstyles such as quiff, slicked back and spiky. This haircut is a member of a long-top and short sides family.

The hair at the top of the head is left long while the sides are cut short. Shortly, an undercut may be a good choice for Asian men who care about their appearance.

Asian guy with long hair discussing about new song with blonde female friend in glasses while black girl smiling on

This iconic style identifies with Asian men. In this haircut, the top is left long and natural. The sides and back are cropped with a hair clipper.

You can see many famous Asian men wearing this hairstyle. If you want a clean and neat Asian men hairstyle, the buzz cut is perfect for you. Also, it is low-maintenance. In this short Asian haircut, the entire head is shaved with a hair clipper.

The buzz cut is simple yet chic. The side part is one of the awesome Asian men haircuts. Thanks to its authoritative appearance, it is the first choice of men with leadership characteristics. When it comes to a side part, the hair is separated into two sections with a comb and fixed.

Sides and back may be left long or cropped. The fade is very popular in Asia as well as all over the world. Asian men fade may be combined with lots of hairstyles. Firstly, you should decide which fade variation to choose. You have many alternatives such as low fade, mid fade, high fade, skin fade, drop fade, and taper fade. Then, you can finish your haircut with a stylish hairstyle option at the top.

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