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One of the most popular animes today is definitely Attack on Titan. With the last season coming out, well, the first part of it, more and more anime watchers wish to start or rewatch it. Here is our complete recommended watchlist! A spin-off, the story follows Levi Ackerman before he s the Survey Corps. You may simply skip the Movies 1, 2 because they are a summary of Season 1. You should avoid all other series adaptations because they do not follow the plot and are not worth watching.


In. Attack on Titan Part 1 Hide Spoilers. My daughter steadfastly refuses to watch this live-action version of one of her favourite animes on of all the unnecessary alterations that have apparently been made to the characters; having neither watched the series, nor read the manga, I cannot comment on the overall impact these changes have had on matters, but I can say that, if you're a fellow newcomer to Attack On Titan, this movie is passable entertainment, largely thanks to the titular Titans, who are freaky sumbitches to be sure!

Massive, monstrous bipeds, Titans love nothing more than to stomp and chomp on humans, which is why, for the past years, mankind has lived behind the safety of a huge protective wall. But now the Titans have found a way inside and are back to filling their bellies with screaming peeps, causing the survivors to retreat behind yet another wall, where they slowly formulate a plan to defeat their enemy.


After two years, a special regiment he into Titan territory, armed with gas-powered jet backpacks and blades with which to sever the napes of the greedy giants. The CGI used to bring the Titans to life isn't the greatest, but with such a ghoulish concept, and lots of splattery munching of unfortunate victims, I thoroughly enjoyed any scene featuring the ugly, over-sized ogres.

What let the film down for me was all the dreary talking that went on in between the action, and the overall gloomy look—far too much grey and blue for my liking. Was this review helpful? Granted, I am not familiar with the Manga, in either comic or animated series form, so I have no idea what the movie is up against. But still, I sat down to watch this, knowing basically what the outline of the movie's storyline was about.

Sure, it wasn't a movie that have been high on my to-watch-list, and it has taken me 4 years to getting around to watching it. So I sat down with little expectations, and turned out that when the movie ended, I was actually genuinely entertained. Sure, this wasn't an award-winning movie in any way, but it proved to be entertaining and enjoyable for what it turned out to be.

The storyline is straight forward and easily followed. But this is hardly a storyline that warrants multiple viewings. The plot just simply doesn't have enough contents to support more than a single viewing. The special effects were quite good though.

Although getting used to the appearance of the titans is an acquired taste. When I saw them at first, I was actually starting to doubt that I would finish the movie. But I stuck with it, and I am glad that I did, because it sort of grew on me.

As for the acting in the movie, well it was adequate for what the movie was. Good enough performances from the people on the cast list. But this is hardly a movie that is driven by an immense character driven motivation.

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But hey, it is what it is. However, this movie wasn't good enough to spur me to go out and start having an interest in catching up on the Manga, hardly so. This movie doesn't require much from the audience. You just unhook your brain, sit down, unwind and enjoy the ride. I have no idea how the original manga goes, so I can't compare, but as stand alone, I have to say it was pretty weird and original. I loved the monsters, the de, the story and the ideas. I hated the ridiculously over the top Japanese acting.

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Overall, though, I think it was quite cool. The main characters in this film are three youngsters, two male and one female, who witness the destruction of their district by titans, huge humanoid mindless beasts who are immortal and eat people alive. I liked that even if one of the males, Eren, is favored as the lead character, it still leaves a lot for the other characters. I would say that, besides the acting and horrendous editing, this film is pretty damn amazing. One word of warning, though, this is just the first part of the story.

The rest of it is Attack on Titan - End of the World, or part 2. I was blown away by the Attack on Titan anime series. It was original and almost overwhelmingly thrilling, and it offered an intriguing mystery as with Lost, the series keeps adding to the mystery without doing much answering, and I've about given up that there's every going to be a satisfactory answer to anything.

I also thought the movie was absolutely terrific, with the same level of wild excitement and horrific cruelty. And I was honestly surprised by how hostile other reviewers here are. A couple of the big criticisms of this movie are that the story has been changed and that there is a lack of character development. Honestly, I don't even remember the anime's story, for the most part. All I remember is endless, incredibly exciting battles.

I had to do a search on differences to even find out what has changed, and I'm still vague on it. The locale has changed, and the names everything is Japanese now, which seems fine to me. A character has been excised and apparently the main character's personality is different. And I don't care, because I loved the show for its thrills, not it's people.

Was the character development better in the anime? Of course. They had a lot of time for character development. There wasn't a lot of that in the first few episodes, but over time they did create a few interesting characters to a greater extent than the movie.

But people, the anime isn't Shakespeare, and these aren't characters for the ages. And in both the anime and the movie, all you really need is a basic sketch of the character since they'll probably be dead soon anyway.

Attack on titan watch order (anime series and movies)

The deaths are more upsetting in the anime, but I'm okay with being a little less upset, honestly. People also complain about the special effects. I saw the movie on TV, and on TV, the special effects look decent. The incredibly overrated Hollywood action epic The Avengers certainly had better special effects, but I was still far more entertained by Titan. The movie's certainly not perfect. It lags in the middle.

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Characters do unrealistically stupid things at one point two characters do something really dumb when in a real army someone would have stopped them. There is one ridiculous blood-on-the-camera-lens shot. But overall it is tremendously exciting, and for me almost as satisfying as the anime. I'm looking forward to seeing part 2. Well, one thing that this movie surely had was too much blood.

Colossal titan

I mean, the Titans could not eat the humans as a whole, but had to always cut them in half Anyway, part from that, the movie was okay. I mean, I have seen worse.

But, still, I expected this one too be super good, as everyone is so hyped over this series. So, the performances were good, but I would have liked to have a better explanation over the whole titan thing.

Armored titan

Plus, the special effects were really not good. Not horrible, but kind of fake. The horror part I guess was supposed to be created by the creepy laughs and the weird titan mouths, as well as the blood bath. Overall, 4 out of 10, as it was kind of enjoyable, but not as good as it should have been. Disclaimer: I have not read the manga nor seen the anime, so feel free to discount my opinions and continue on to other, more enlightened, reviewers. That said: this movie makes no sense what-so-ever.

What's left of humanity seems to live in a walled city, protected from marauding Titans. The wall is breached by an immense deformed giant, accompanied by what appears to be a rain of meteorites. The opening in the wall is exploited by a of smaller, but still giant, giants, who lack genitals and some, but not all, secondary sexual characteristics. These behemoths many of whom have a 'slit-mouth', a popular Japanese horror motif then messily devour people.

Flash forward a couple of years: it has been discovered that the giants who regenerate when damaged and were thought to be immortal die if attacked on the nape of the neck.

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In this show, Hajime said that he planned to finish the epic story in


The world of Attack on Titan has expanded many times over as the series has gone on, and one of the most interesting examples of that is the full introduction of the Nine Titans: The Titan forms that certain characters are able to shift into at will.


Shikishima Yeager was separated from his brother Eren at a young age.