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In. Werewolf β€” Hide Spoilers.


Far and away the most popular conceit is that a werewolf is a human who has somehow become able to temporarily transform usually unwillingly into a wolf that goes on to run wild rarely remembering their romp. Usual methods include a Viral Transformation spread by being bitten, but a lot of depictions show lycanthropy as solely hereditary. Other popular causes include curses and typical Mad Scientist experiments.

The beast within

Like most werewolves, the classic wolf-man only transforms on the full moon, or, failing that, at night, though none of this is a given in modern works. Together with Count Draculathe Mummyand Frankenstein's Monsterthis is generally considered to complete the set of "classic" horror monsters. Unlike the other three, however, there is no single specific source of popular werewolf lore. The closest claim to such a source in literature might be Guy Endore 's classic novel The Werewolf Of Parisbut cinema seems to have been more definitive in terms of shaping the concept.

Hence, Lon Chaney Jr. Inwith dramatic improvements in visual effects and makeup now available, the classic film, The Howlingestablished the modern image of a werewolf as essentially a far more convincing humanoid canine creature, especially with the head now typically having a more convincing muzzle for the face.

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Werewolves did not receive the same revisionist treatment as vampires did during the '90s, partly due to the high probability of Special Effect Failure in visual media, but also because the concept is much more difficult to rehabilitate. While having your neck bitten by beautiful people is erotic, being torn into bloody chunks and eaten is not. And in most common depictions, werewolves aren't exactly sapient in wolf form.

Surprisingly, such an earlier revisionist treatment happened in medieval times for fictitious werewolves; in the Chivalric Romancea werewolf could be a perfectly gentle and noble beast. Then again, with the growing knowledge that North American wolves have been seriously misunderstood and are not that aggressive to humans while being devoted parents thanks to classic works like Never Cry Wolfthat lends itself to a serious image makeover as potentially heroic monsters.

In fact, one can take it further considering with the proper circumstances and disposition with the being in sufficiently rational control, werewolves can be sexy or even cuddly. As such, the werewolf's cachet has been rising. And they are very popular within the Furry Fandomusually of the more-in-control-while-transformed variety, and their depictions therein can range from the innocent to outright Yiff.

The word "werewolf" is a compound with the archaic English word wer. Etymologically, "man" was once genderless, and wer referred to a male adult; compare this to the Latin virwhere we get the words "virile" and "virtue".

If he was bitten by a werewolf

Hence, the not-uncommon female lycanthrope should more strictly be a "wifwolf" or "woman-wolf"a term that has not seen much actual use. Werewolves are very popular because of qualities of opposing forces of man versus animal nature. A common mistake is to use the word lycanthropy to describe any case of a being able to shift between human and animal forms, as the root word "lyc" specifically means "wolf" the proper term for other animal types is therianthropy β€”or, if you like, "werebeast".

See Werewolf Works for an index of works that prominently feature werewolves. Community Showcase More. Dracula's werewolf friends and their pups.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. How much wolf must a wolfman be for a wolfman to be wolf? Fruit Brute, a semi-reoccurring member of the Monster Cerealsis a werewolf that appears to be a permanent one, with no human form ever seen for him. A wolfman-like creature appears in a commercial for Chef Boyardee, but it doesn't stay a werewolf until daylight. In fact, it turns back into a human after eating a can of Chef Boyardee.

Chibiokami from Anpanman is an adorable wolf pup at all times. However, the full moon turns him into a gigantic monster that makes him go berserk. He never has recollections of what happens when he's in this form, only the damage that he has done.

Various items can trigger this state, too, such as headlights or a picture of the moon. Bleach : Komamura is an anthropomorphic wolf who can be mistaken for a dog to Running Gag proportions. He lives by the samurai code of loyalty, honour and respect and possesses Undying Loyalty to Yamamoto for saving his life. His tribe used to be humanoid with typical werewolf traits note Hair on the back of the hand, pointed ears, heavy brows, etc.

The further under the curse they fall, the more wolf-like they become until they are trapped forever as an ordinary wolf or dog. The Earth Clan from Dance in the Vampire Bund have been for generations the sworn protectors of the Tepes family of vampires.

In ages past, they accomplished this with claw, rage, and sword blade. These days, they go with claw, rage, and machine guns. Each and every one of them is badass incarnate, especially Akira, the series' protagonist naturally.

Were-Garurumon of Digimon Adventure is a blue-and-white werewolf in spiky clothing. He is an inversion of the "classic" werewolf; he is the evolved form of Garurumon, and since Garurumon regularly powers up by evolving into Were-Garurumon, we have a wolf that becomes a werewolf, as opposed to a man becoming a werewolf. Then everything gets thrown out when Were-Garurumon's evolution is Metal Garurumon, a robot form of Garurumon. Metal Garurumon X on the other hand retains the werewolf shape under the armor.

Doraemon : Dora Nikov transforms whenever he sees a round object, becoming a robotic Werewolf. Nobita's mother mistakenly uses it for make-up, forcing Doraemon to follow her keeping her away from any sort of round objects that would trigger the transformation. Dragon Ball features a Man Wolf not a Wolf Mana humanoid wolf who transforms into a man with the full moon.

He tries to take revenge on Master Roshi for destroying the moon leaving him a wolf, but Roshi is able to substitute for the moon with hypnotism and Krillin's bald head to turn him human. In the. They appear as wolf-eared humans with animal-like agility and strength, in addition to being able to shapeshift into regular-looking wolves. Boma from Heat Guy J. He started off as a normal human being, but then committed a murder or series of murders.

He got a life sentence his city-state has no death penaltyand his head was genetically and surgically altered to resemble that of a black wolf. He also has the ability to Flash Step and literally pull a sword out of thin air.

Beast (character)

The Captain, one of the villains from Hellsingis a werewolf. He has several forms which he can go between at will, ranging from a human to a mist-like Dire Wolf. In all forms he has massive physical strength and speed with a Healing Factor. Being one of the Evil Counterpart s of Alucardhe also qualifies as an Animalistic Abominationthanks to very similar abilities. Hellsing is confusing because while the Captain actually is a werewolf, several other Nazi characters are referred to as "werewolves" despite showing completely different magical powers. This is probably a reference to the actual German use of "werewolf" to refer to alleged post-WWII Nazi loyalists who were supposedly pre-emptively ordered to commit terrorist acts after Germany's defeat, although actual s of this happening were rare.

The Werewolves are different within the Hyper Police series.

The 27 best werewolf movies to watch this halloween

Kouga's clan from Inuyasha are wolf- youkai ; their actual true form are wolves but can transform into human form, probably similar to Sesshoumaru, but their true form is never shown. They also have the power to control regular wolves. Sango : [About the wolf-youkai] They're youkai who control wolves and even though they transform into a human form, their true nature is as wild as those wolves. Audio Plays. Most of the race abhor their animalistic alter-egos and avoid sunlight at all costs, but a small band of rebels feel they should embrace their human side and hold secret transformation parties.

The Moons of Vulpana explores the homeworld of the alien werewolf companion Mags and its history β€” pureblooded and fully lycanthropic Vulpanans are the werewolf class, those not lycanthropic are peasants, and each of the pureblood Four Houses turns at a respective one of the four moons.

A bite cannot turn another into a werewolf, and they also find the term "werewolf" highly offensive. Disrupting the moons' orbital paths, such as creating an artificial fifth moon as the "omega" pureblood Jax does, inhibits pureblood beast and induces severe bloodlust. Well, more than usual. Comic Books. Age of the Wolf : The werewolves that show up to herald the end of humanity are initially fairly standard lycanthropes for the most part, turning at the turn of the full moon into bestial predators and spreading their infection through bites. Then over the course of a few decades the werewolves evolve from purely feral creatures to sapient Wolf Man people with their own civilization that aims to hunt into and replace the remaining humans.

At one point the female Alpha also resurrects several buried werewolf corpses to lay a trap for the heroine. The Astounding Wolf-Manwritten by Robert Kirkman, focuses on a man who, after boy infected with lycanthropy on a family vacation, uses it as a means by which he can become a superhero.

His werewolf powers give him super strength and healing, but only work at night. Also on the night of the full moon he enters a feral state and can no longer control his actions.

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Werewolf Legends from Germany translated and edited by D.


TV 41 min Action, Drama, Fantasy.


Of all the creatures found in Halloween lore, none are more mysterious than the fabled werewolf.