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Now is the time to embrace and to enjoy this holiday because it vastly changes when you enter the real world. No two colleges celebrate Halloween the same, which is more than exemplified by the list below. This school takes Halloween pretty damn seriously. This Halloween tradition started as a water balloon fight and has grown into a campus wide party, attracting over 40, drunken students. Halloween in New Orleans is almost as crazy as Mardi Gras. This town loves any chance to dress up and to get drunk and the students at the University more than embrace this idea.


This post is all about college halloween costumes. What you wear for Halloween is a big deal, especially in college.

Usually, you need not only one costume but three! Seriously, some of these are hilarious.

10 halloween party ideas for college students

I do NOT own these images. How could you not do this college halloween costume with your friends?! Even better, make sure you have a White Claw in your hand the entire time wearing this. Simply click the button below and get all of these sent directly to your inbox.

This custom is so easy to put together but looks really cute with a group of friends. Add trendy sunglasses and goggles and you have a costume everyone will love. Copy this halloween costume idea:.

Get a bag of stuffing and hot glue it to this bandeau. You'll need to get a little craft for this college halloween costume but the payoff is big - how cute is this?! Copy this college best friends halloween costume:. Copy this college halloween costume:. Copy this college halloween costume idea:. Plus, this is a cheap costume to replicate. Channel your inner gangsta hate myself with your BFF and put this epic halloween costume together.

Copy this best friends halloween costume:. Gather your friends and get dressed like you're going to Woodstock With how popular boxing is nowadays as a workout, I am sure if you ask around you will be able to find boxing gloves pretty easily! If you were in Girl Scouts then this is a must!! You seriously are just wearing a a regular outfit and throwing your trusty sash on and you are good to go!!

SO easy. How cute is this?!

Or even better, DIY it! Super easy and cheap college halloween costume thats also super comfy!

The greatest college halloween celebrations in america

If you had a uniform in high school this college halloween costume will be super easy to put together! If not, a uniform skirt is super easy and cheap to get off Amazon! Just and FYE this skirt is super short! If thats your thing then great, if not they have tons of longer skirts on Amazon too. Copy this couple college halloween costume:.

You'll be saving lives and money with this couples Halloween costume. This cute red swimsuit is perfect for Halloween and going to the beach; it's a staple that you will be able to reuse time and time again! Sooo easy!! Basically, just need some antler ears. If you're one to rip tights as soon as you put them on then have no fear, this sexy Halloween costume is for you!

Ripping your tights actually adds to the effect, so go for it girl. Copy this couple halloween costume idea:. Who doesn't love Riverdale? And if you can't be Lili Reinhart in real life, then you should just go for it on Halloween. Jughead and Betty are couple goals, and you and your boyfriend will be too when you rock this couples Halloween costume this year.

Copy this hot college halloween costume:. Victoria's Secret called Be prepared, if you go as a VS angel this Halloween people will stare in awe at how stunning you look. You've been warned. If you are going out two nights in a row, this college halloween costume is perfect for you. Night one, you can be the sweetest Hershey kiss the world has ever seen, and then on night two, you can take off your kiss headband and go as an alien. This prison costume is one of the best cheap and easy costume ideas for adults.

If you want to go the extra mile, add a fake tattoo sleeve to your costume!

Soccer players may not be a scary costumes idea, but this one is by far a crowd-pleaser. This costume is an easy, quick, on-the-go idea that is one of the most perfect halloween costume ideas for groups. Finding Nemo's Darla is a character most college students remember from their childhood, which makes her one of the best female halloween characters to dress as in This Cotton Candy costume is perfect for you if you're a girly-girl.

Not only is this one of the pretty college halloween costumes of the year, but it is also super easy to put together!

Red Riding Hood is one of the classic female halloween characters. Simply put on your favorite night out black outfit, throw on a red cape and you are good to go. This partie angel best is the perfect outfit to wear out on regular college night minus the wings so don't be afraid to buy a black outfit you halloween actually wear after Halloween is over!

As the night goes on and your hair gets messier this costume just gets better and better. Rock and roll is definitely one of the top halloween costume ideas addition. Copy this cute college halloween costume:. This is surprisingly one of the more creative college halloween costume des out there. So if you are looking for something that is not done quite often this is a great costume idea for you. A simple Halloween costume can make the party, don't underestimate the power of sweetness. If you want to be the life of the part than this costume is for you. If you are looking for halloween costume ideas for best friends, then this is the perfect costume for you, and I'm pretty sure you both know which one is the angel and the devil.

This is a favorite of the halloween costume ideas for couples. Perfect for anyone who wants to be relationshipgoals for the college.

Decorations to seal the deal

Copy this college friend group halloween costume:. Alien costumes are on the best halloween costume ideas for groups. Everyone can look unique and add their own twists to the alien costume while still looking like you're all apart of a group. In this halloween costume idea for groups, you'll have to be in a group of four but don't worry if you have more people, you can always go to the s lol! Copy this costume:. If you love country music and wish you could spend a night going out in the south, then this is one of the best halloween costume ideas for you!

Copy this college couples halloween costume:. If you have a boyfriend and you need a simple halloween costume to find for him then this is one of the best easy halloween costumes for guys you'll find. Simply find a red and white long sleeve shirt for him to wear and you're good to go.

Bikers are one of the top halloween costume ideas forand it's a great excuse to put on some red lipstick which will make your teeth look whiter and your lips look bigger. Classic female halloween characters are always a great choice. You can't go wrong being Daphne and Velma for Halloween. If you have guy friends who are in frats, you can go above and beyond by dressing in one of their actual outfits.

Cool halloween masks like this one are perfect for hiding the makeup that's beginning to fall down your face. It's bound to happen if you're having a good time!

The 10 best halloween college parties in the country

If you are going for full-on sexy, then this is one of the best halloween costumes ever for you; classic, sexy, and effortless. Copy this halloween costume:. If you're in a time crunch then find yourself a pair of bunny ears and you are a Playboy Bunny. This is by far the comfiest of the halloween costume ideas. You will definitely be enjoying your night in this cozy costume.

Not only is this an amazing halloween costume idea, but you will impress many guys and girls if you know about this movie. If you are looking for a quick halloween costume idea, this is perfect for you; find a red bandana, put on your favorite black outfit, and call it a day.

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