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By Sam Damshenas. Over the past decade, Hollywood has made strides in representation with a of groundbreaking LGBTQ stories such as Carol, Moonlight and Love, Simon, the latter of which became the first major teen film to centre on a gay protagonist. The short film medium, however, allows filmmakers and writers the ability to showcase untold — and more accurate — LGBTQ stories. Do they stay together despite what others will think?


No matter if you want to laugh, cry, need some romance, or want to watch lesbians making out; we could all use some lesbian short films to fulfill our needs. We live in a time with more lesbian representation than ever on TV, in movies, and on streaming platforms like Netflix. But besides big Hollywood productions, YouTube is filled with many lesbian short films made by YouTubers and by independent filmmakers.

Within one night you could probably binge-watch all these 47 lesbian short films if you try hard enough. Support independent filmmakers by liking, commenting and subscribing to their channel. Jump on your couch, grab some popcorn and classic lesbian: some teaand enjoy these lesbian short stories. At the bottom of the article, we share a link to the entire playlist! And after that night her world is upside down, she even forgets to wear shoes when leaving the house the next day. Lina, played by Maggie Civantos, hears she has hepatitis B.

The doctor advises her to talk to the women she slept with because she might have passed it to them.

The best lesbian short films

So she also needs to tell Estefania, the love of her life. But when they see each other again, they noticed how much they missed each other…. Breanne Williamson is a lesbian YouTuber who creates all kinds of lesbian content on her channel. She also created multiple short films, like Coming Out. These days many of us meet online through lesbian dating appsand so do Lizzy and Olivia.

Very smart and super cute. Our thoughts are with all who lost their loved ones. Pulse will give you goosebumps.

The short film The Greatest Love is a touching Thai lesbian short film. We love the realistic lesbian love story of Jane and Por. Their struggles of coming out, having an unsupportive mom, and wanting to be open about your relationship. And then, the film adds another layer with a big secret…. Jane encounters a mysterious and outgoing girl who turns her world upside down in just a few minutes.

She needs to know more about this mysterious girl. And we definitely want to see where the story goes. Maybe a kiss next time? A Dutch lesbian film all about figuring out orientation and topics that kept us busy when we were teenagers. How to kiss somebody, for example, and the five steps to conquer. All to get that hot boy at film. Hello Black Mirror vibes! Black Mirror is a sci-fi series with a cute lesbian love story, which we included in our list with our best lesbian shows article.

AutoMate is a sci-fi short film set in the future. Callie really wants to be a prom queen, so prom night is a big night for her. Prom Night is a beautifully made and one of our favorite lesbian short films. The lesbian scenes are the cutest. Especially if you can express your feelings for your best friend during the lesbian. Which may lead to making out…. Never Have I Ever is a very sweet and well-made lesbian short movie.

We especially love the build-up and the chemistry between the actresses! A comedy short film about coming out to your parents. Sam is a year-old girl who wants to come out to her parents. Wow, wow, wow! Then you definitely should watch Spilt Milk. We love everything short it. Dascha Polanco plays Ximena, a single mom that struggles to take care of her son.

She moves back to her parents and reconnects with her ex, Lena. And Kirk happens to have a crush on Jane best. But getting together might not be the best idea as the military police spies on soldiers to prevent any gay activity. Can one weekend affect the rest of your life? Stopping for a hitchhiking stranger on the side of the road might. If that gets in the way between you and your girlfriend, communication is extra important.

Though it must be weird to see the newspapers about people who get kiIIed and knowing your girlfriend is behind it. But love always wins, right?! Or maybe not….

Check out the YouTube of Sapphic Underground, who created The Howlingfor more lesbian short films and other lesbian videos. YouTuber Keara Graves wrote and directed this short film herself. Plus she plays one of the main characters, Maia. Night Drive is about Maia and Heidi who reconnect with each other after Heidi breaks up with her boyfriend. Very relatable for us, and probably for many. Everybody figures it out differently.

The end might be weird for some, but it leaves space for your own interpretation. We absolutely love watching Together Forever. We also love that Together Forever shows how important romance is in every relationship and in everyday life.

Yes to more lesbian stories like this! Because everyone has those. Mollie struggles to be in a relationship with her abusive girlfriend Ashley. Plus the song fits the whole short film perfectly. Our First Time is beautifully made and cute, romantic, and sad at the same time. Coming out to your friend is one thing, but telling you are already in love with her for a long time is a big step.

Sometimes a surprise can happen, but falling in love with your straight best friend can be very difficult. Carmeta, Mari, and Pilar are three women living in Sucs, Spain. Every afternoon they spend time together to talk about things that are happening in the small town.

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The plot twist of this lesbian short film is amazing. Mai might be our very favorite lesbian short film. And can we get a full lesbian movie please? Beth discovers she has feelings for Georgia. Uninvited follows Beth while discovering her orientation, as these feelings for a girl are new. Girl Talk already got over 30 million views! A Korean lesbian short film! So she decided not to tell until Da Joo starts showing interest in a guy…. Violet falls in love with an anonymous person.

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So without knowing who you are talking to and their looks, you can fall in love with that person. And Karen happens to be there as well. They catch up and finally talk about their feelings! Falling in love with your best friend seems like a topic that many lesbian short films talk about. And we get it, as we fell in love with our best friend too.

Remember watching Prom Night? Natalie is better off without her friends, she finds out on Halloween night. Luckily sparks fly between her and Anna. March was already filmed inand it fits the current situation perfectly or well perfectly, it might be a bit difficult to watch as we are all forced to stay inside. We absolutely love how short films can tell an impressive story in such a short time and sometimes even without words.

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The Two of Us tells the heartbreaking story of two girls whose relationship has been confined to an isolated cabin in the desert.


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