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  • Years:
  • 46
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  • Bright blue eyes
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  • French
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  • Capricorn
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  • I'm skinny
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Soulshock and Pernille Rosendahl took the places of Blachman and Rafn in season 3. Blachman returned to the panel in season 4 and Cutfather ed, replacing Soulshock and Remee. Rafn will not return for season 9. From seasons 7 to 8, the show has been hosted by Eva Harlou.

Contestant in or mentor of "15—24s", "15—23s", "14—22s" or "15—22s" category Contestant in or mentor of "Over 25s", "Over 24s" or "Over 23s" category Contestant in or mentor of "Groups" category.

Remee continued as a judge in season 3, while Blachman and Rafn reed and were replaced by Soulshock and Pernille Rosendahl. Rosendahl continued as a judge in seasons 4 and 5, while Soulshock and Remee were replaced with Blachman, who returned after one season away, and Cutfather.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Blachman continued as a judge in season 6, while Rosendahl and Cutfather decided to leave and were replaced by Ida Corr and Anne Linnet. Seasons 7 and 8 returned to the original judging panel consisting of Blachman, Rafn and Remee following the departures of Corr and Linnet. Season 9 and 10 Blachman and Remee returned as judges ed by a newcomer Mette Lindberg. Season 11 Sanne Salomonsen will replace Mette Lindberg as judge. The winner was Martin Hoberg Hedegaardmentored by Remee.

Series overview

RemeeLina Rafn and Blachman Blachman returned as judges. The winner was Linda Andrewsmentored by Rafn. Soulshock was given the Groups, Rosendahl was given the Over 25s and Remee was in charge of the Under 25s. The winner was Thomas Ring Petersenmentored by Rosendahl. Pernille Rosendahl continued as a judge, while original judge Thomas Blachman and new judge Cutfather replaced Soulshock and Remee on the judging panel. Cutfather was given the Under 25s, Rosendahl was given the Groups and Blachman was given the Over 25s. The winner was Sarahmentored by Cutfather. Thomas BlachmanPernille Rosendahl and Cutfather returned for their respective fourth, third and second seasons.

Cutfather was given the Over 25s, Rosendahl was given the Under 25s and Blachman was in charge of the Groups. For the first episode currently only time, a judge made an unforced decision to eliminate their own act. Linnet was given the Groups, Corr was given the Over 24s and Blachman was in charge of the Under 24s.

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The winner was Chresten Falck Damborgmentored by Corr. The winners were Anthony Jasminmentored by Blachman. Thomas BlachmanRemee and Lina Rafn returned to the judging panel for their respective seventh, fifth and fourth seasons.

Remee was given the s, Rafn was given the Over 23s and Blachman was given the Groups. Superbootcamp was replaced by 5 Chair Challenge. The winner was Emilie Esthermentored by Remee.

Thomas Blachman and Remee will return as judges for season 9 along with a new judge Mette Lindberg who will replace Lina Rafn. Rafn said in the final of season 8 that she did not know if she would continue as a judge.

Sofie Linde Lauridsen will return to host the show for the 4th time Thomas Blachman returned and is ed by a new judges Oh Land and Ankerstjerne who will replace Remee and Sanne Salomonsen. He also criticises that participants are obliged to travel at their own expense. This was supported by psychologist John Halse, as well as contestant Finn Irs, who protested by not showing up to the all-stars song during the final live show. Irs stated that the producers were more interested in their contestants showing their emotions, rather than making a musical show.

Jan Lagermand Lundme, the contributing editor on DR1stated that all contestants were checked by a psychologist to see if they were fit to handle the pressure. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 1. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 2.

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Main article: X Factor Denmark season 3. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 4. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 5.

Main article: X Factor Denmark season 6. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 7. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 8. Main article: X Factor Denmark season 9. Main article: X Factor Denmark season Retrieved 8 October Bak, Lene. Billed Bladet in Danish. Retrieved 15 July Christiansen, Kasper. X Factor Denmark. The X Factor. South Africa. Brazil Colombia Chile United States. The text is d under Creative Commons - Attribution - Sharealike. Additional terms may apply for the media files.

Dr2: end the "blachman" tv show

DR1 1—11 TV2 12—. Martin Hoberg Hedegaard. Thomas Blachman Lina Rafn Remee.

Linda Andrews. Thomas Ring Petersen. Jesper Nohrstedt Boesgaard.

Pernille Rosendahl. Remee Soulshock Pernille Rosendahl. Thomas Blachman Pernille Rosendahl Cutfather. Line Dissing Karred Larsen. Chresten Falck Damborg. Thomas Blachman Remee Mette Lindberg. Jamie Talbot. Rasmus Therkildsen.

1. episodes

Sofie Linde Ingversen Joakim Ingversen 1st to 2nd liveshows. Thomas Blachman Remee Sanne Salomonsen. Benjamin Rosenbohm. Thomas Blachman Oh Land Ankerstjerne. Groups The Fireflies In-Joy.

Groups Anthony Jasmin ManBand lickety-split.

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