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  • 42
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  • I'm hungarian
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  • I’ve got huge hazel eyes
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  • My gender is fem
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  • Country
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We absolutely love black men with dre.


Dreadlocks are a must-have hairstyle for many men. Let yourself be subjugated by these 12 sublime men in dreadlocks hairstyle. Dreadlocks are strands of hair that tangle and form alone if the hair grows naturally.

Indeed, once the hair is not cut or brushed, it grows naturally, and begins to twist. The tangled hair thus forms dreadlocks. In history, the dreadlocks are an ancestral hairstyle inescapable. Disadvantage is that to change the cut, it will be necessary to shave everything.

One must be very patient and wait several months before the hair grows. Patience is a must.

This technique works for white as well as black. Do not tie your hair in this transition period, as you may have a beavertail behind.

Your dreadlocks will be natural, irregular sizes, a true roots style. This method is very long.

Avoid washing your hair and you will see that your dreadlocks will begin to form. That is, we go to a hairdressing salon that makes the laying of synthetic dre.

The hairdresser will separate your hair into strands, then into braids. Once the tresses are finished, he places synthetic dre over them.

Black man with dreadlocks images

You have the option to choose the color and size you want. Do you like this hairstyle?

For all lovers of dreadlocks, why do you wear this kind of hairstyle pleasure, religion or other? Tags : 12 handsome men with dreadlocks Beautiful men with dreadlocks Dreadlocks Men's dreadlocks.

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One of the great things about hair is that you can say so much about who you are and your personality simply based on how you choose to wear it.


If you are a guy looking to start some dreadlocks or a woman searching for that fine brother rocking locs this post is it.