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We have 60 cheats and tips on PS3. Check them out to find answers or ask your own to get the exact game help you need. How do I get the diner as a zombies map? How to get the ray gun on Black Ops 2? What is black ops noktown zombies code?


It's an old west-looking town that has been buried underground. It is one of the first zombies map to be almost fully underground. See their respective s for more information. Buried allows you to take chalk weapons from the wall and create your own "Wallbuy. There are a total of six weapons that can be placed on walls.

The last chalk weapon will grant you points, which is why many players always draw the wall weapons first so they can get an easy points quickly, easy, and early. The wallbuys will act just like any other wallbuy. The weapon will cost the same price it always does, and ammo will be half the price.

Tips and tricks for buried - call of duty: black ops 2, zombies

Another new feature is the big prisoner. Some say his name is Elroy, some say it's Leroy, we just call him the prisoner or the giant. Inside the Jailhouse is a very large man who is locked up. This man can be freed by carrying a key from a key hanger and using it on the cell door.

The first time you free him, you will need to give him the booze that is also in the cell. Give it to him to open the front door of the Jailhouse. Giving the prisoner booze is the only way to break certain obstacles or debris around the map. A lot of debris can still be bought like doors, but some must be broken through.

Booze can either be found in the cell or the Saloon; one will spawn each round either in his cell or in the saloon. Before giving the prisoner some booze, make sure you are facing the debris you want him to break. If your back is to the debris, the prisoner will run in the opposite direction.

Candy can also be given to the prisoner from the Confectionery.

How to double your points

Look for any candy that has a sparkle to find the right one to pick up. Candy will allow the Prisoner to protect you for a short time.

He will instantly kill one zombie at a time as it gets near you, and he will even pick up Crawlers to make sure they don't die or injure you as you get things down. You may need to face a crawler when giving the candy to the Prisoner to pull that off.

Another use of Candy for the Prisoner is to create Buildable Equipment. Face a workbench and give him Candy, and he will find all the parts and build the items for you at the workbench. You can also give the prisoner candy by any available Mystery Box spot and he'll search for the current box and place it at the spot where you want it. This is very useful if the box is across the map and you need it. Just purchase candy and give it to him by a spot for the box and boom! Your box is there!

If you do it once more at the mystery box, he will "hit it", and it prevents a teddy bear from coming from that mystery box, so a player can hit the box a million times, and a teddy bear will never appear note that doing this in the first location prevents firesales.

A player can give the prisoner candy next to a power-up, and the prisoner will change the power-up to a random one. Let's say you get a carpenter. If you give the prisoner candy next to the power-up, he can change it to a nuke or firesale. Cool, right? Do not think the prisoner will be completely immune to damage. Though he will not die, if you personally shoot or blow up the Prisoner, he will run back to the jailhouse and lock himself in his cell.

You will then need to find another key to free him once more. The key can spawn on any key hook around the map, which could be troublesome. Only certain items can be held at the same time. Items that take up one slot include: cell key, candy, booze, weapon chalk. The Buildable Equipment parts on the other hand will take up a second slot.

Once a piece of equipment is built, it can be carried alongside the other two items. The following is a walkthrough of the entire map. It shows locations of all weapons, perk-a-cola machines, and the pack-a-punch machine. As stated above, some areas will be blocked off and cannot be purchased. These can be cleared with some assistance from the prisoner inside the Jailhouse. The starting area of Buried is known as Processing.

There are three weapons available in this area, but the third is very hard to get.

Of course, like usual, the M14 and Olympia are available at the start for points. Alongside them is the LSAT on top of a steel platform for points.

This steel platform will fall about one second after jumping up on it, so you will need to be incredibly quick. If you don't get it the first time you won't be able to get it at any other time unless you are very good with the paralyzer.

Cheats and tips for call of duty: black ops 2

To progress to the main part of the map, jump down the hole between the catwalks, or just fall down when attempting to reach the LSAT. You will slide down into a tunnel. There are a small of tunnels throughout this map. Most link one building to another, but you can also simply buy the doors to enter most building.

This tunnel is a sort of junction for many of the tunnels in the map. The first thing you may notice is the Quick Revive machine. Like usual, it costs points on co-op or points on solo, and acts very differently between the two. Near the machine is the Remington MCS chalk. This is just the chalk, not the actual wallbuy.

Interact with the chalk to pick it up, then interact with any question mark you see on a wall to create a wallbuy for this weapon. There's a Question Mark Chalk Location nearby that can be used as a trial run. Like usual, the weapon will cost points, but whoever creates it will earn points!

This room contains three paths to three different areas on the map. There are two tunnels and one hole in the floor.

Scroll down to the header of which ever path you took:. This old west town can be broken up into four areas to better understand the layout. Each section is pretty compact, so it shouldn't be too hard exploring the area. Think of the map as a big U shape. The main road of the town is split in two. The middle of the road is blocked by a ton of debris that cannot be cleared. The other side of the main road can be reached through the back side of town or through the hole in the wall on the second floor of the Courthouse. That half contains the Jailhouse, General Store, and Bank.

The back area of town is a lot darker than the main road. If you can make it through the Haunted Mansion that was mentioned earlier, you will reach the Maze in the back.

Call of duty: black ops 2 cheats for ps3

The Courthouse may be one of the first buildings you enter from the main tunnel. The front doors can be opened for points to either enter or exit out to the main street, or you can take the hole in the wall on the second floor to the other side of the main street. The hole le to the Jailhouse area, and the doors lead to the Church and Confectionery area.

Also on the second floor is a Mystery Box spawn location, but this shouldn't be the place the Mystery Box first appears. A Workbench is located on the ground floor. All the items for Buildable Equipment are located inside the General Store, and the workbench they're built on does not matter. The Confectionery, also known as the Sweets Shop or Candy Shop, is located on the main street across from the Courthouse. The front door can be opened for points, and the back door can be opened for points if you reach this building from the back side of town. On the ground floor of this building is a Claymore wallbuy.

It can be purchased for points. There are two staircases in this building that lead to two different rooms on the second floor.

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Unlock the Gold camouflage for all weapons in a specific class e.


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