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My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in about ten weeks. We already have a two year old daughter, so since this baby is the second child we already have the vast majority of baby gear — strollers, car seats, play pen, burp cloths, sheets, etc. Luckily, we registered for gender neutral colored gear the first time around.


I'm working register one day and the phone rings. I answer and a man replies with "Do you have girls clothing? He starts telling me he has two kids and he's needing some clothes for a 10 year old. I ask a question about his daughter and he proceeds to tell me that it's not for a girl. He has a son who likes to wear his sisters clothes. At this point I don't really know what to say. I kind of mutter m-mhm, okay. He then asks me if i've ever heard of such a thing?

Have I ever heard of boys wanting to wear girls clothing. I'm familiar with these things so I tell him yes, it's a thing i've heard of. He keeps going on, telling me things about how his wife is going to come up and shop for their son so he can have his own girl clothes and how he's not sure if this is going to lead to problems in the future.

I'm just standing around in the girls section, thinking to myself " I get paid 8. I'm not a therapist He eventually stop rambling about his son and his future and thanks me a bunch of time for understanding and helping. I say my goodbyes and hang up. My gay manager then comes over and I start laughing and tell him what just happened. He just looks at me, laughs, and tells me I should have gave the phone to the guy who knows about wearing your sisters clothes as a.

I've been more than happy to answer the phones after this conversation, sadly nothing has compared. That Dad is cool as truck!

For : boy wearing sisters clothes

Instead of being a close-minded idiot he lets his son be like he wants! I can imagine him trying to support his son but being afraid to approach the usual channels like therapists because of how his son might get ridiculed. He must have fixated on OP once he realized that the person on the phone line didn't think any less of his son.

No, you're cool as truck. His son may be transgender or into cross dressing.

Its pretty awesome of a dad for trying to understand this even though he was obviously flustered about the whole thing. I don't know if the customer was so much a jerk in this case. My impression is more that he was trying to process the fact that he was buying clothes for his son. That's actually really sweet. Also, as a sister, I am so glad that he's buying his son his own girl clothes so that he doesn't have to steal them from his sister.

I have two younger brothers and by the time I was 14 I was the same size as my mother.

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My brothers would steal my gender-neutral clothes and my mom would steal everything else. It was incredibly frustrating. I couldn't share anything with anyone! I shot past everyone, my mom's height when I was 12 5'8"my dad's height when I was 14 6'.

My younger siblings never quite caught up to their 6'3" sister, so yeah, not much sharing. I grew taller and bigger than my mom tall dad so when I was 18 we were wearing the same clothes and shoe size.

After I grew out of those she claimed them all as her own. Sounds super awkward for you but I applaud the dad for being supportive of his son and letting him be who he wants to be, even if he doesn't understand it himself.

Kids tend to idolise their elder siblings to a certain extent, and although I'm no psychologist I think that this kind of behaviour is perfectly normal for boys and girls although I've never seen it myself at this age. It's interesting that we have a non-threatening word for girls who prefer to dress in "boys' clothes", but not the other way 'round.

Being a "tomboy" is typically seen as a completely normal phase that a lot of girls go through and come out the other side with their sexuality and sense of style one way or another unscathed. Our acceptance of this, but not so much with boys is obviously a cultural quirk, but it's good to see at least one example of a father not stopping his son from dressing how he likes. It's actually pretty great that his parents are willing to do that for their son. He is probably just confused and trying to figure what to do that's going to be best for his .

And I know out context that all sounds super bigoted, but it's entirely not meant to be. I've often wanted to buy my own clothing in public I'm a male to female but I chicken it every time. Denying it can lead to some pretty intense problems and issues for the child, so just smile and be understanding. That's a really good dad.

An incredibly high of trans and gender queer attempt or commit suicide. If only my mom was that cool.

But no, she beat me and traumatized me so badly I couldn't move for about two days. I'm pretty sure that son is on the way to become the guy's daughter. At leas that dad isn't as transphobic as many I've seen on media are.

Didn't know Caitlyn changed so many peoples views. I'm entirely sure you're jumping to conclusions.

Wearing clothes of the opposite sex doesn't necessarily mean someone is trans. Found the internet!

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As a young boy age 7 i was made to wear girls clothes

There is a song? Didn't expect to see a Harley Poe reference, nice.

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