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  • Years old:
  • I'm 23 years old
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  • Bangladeshi
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  • Dark-haired hair
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  • Quite thin
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  • My favourite drink red wine


The bank was robbed successfully.


Home » Couple » Breast and vaginal massage. Hi, i am raj from bangalore aged about 32, married but single now. I have also posted my ad for arabic style herbal breast and vaginal massage in vivastreet website. And i got many responses to it which were more of spam mails from nigerians. Later i received a mail from a person named anitha. I dont know whether its her original name.

She asked for details and i gave her general instructions about my task and about me. She asked me about the cost and i told her that will be informed after our first meet at her place. Later there were multiple mail exchanges knowing about each of us and came to know that her husband is working abroad and now she is alone in an apartment with her kid aged about 10 years.

Finally, the day arrived to meet in person. I clearly told her that she should let me know her colour of dress so that i can identify and agreed to meet somewhere outside. As agreed on a saturday, i went to meet her near malleswaram coffee day little early as i respect to be on time. I noted a alto coming forward and trying to park at the space available with a pink saree worn women inside.

While parking, she was more searching if anybody would come and talk to her. After parking, she came out of the car and stood at the door of the car looking all around. I ascertained that she is anitha and went slowly behind her car and softly called her by name.

She immediately turned towards me and greeted me. She immediately told me to sit in her car and she was looking little nervous.

I told her first to follow my bike where i can park safely and took her to a nearby place which i know where it is safe parking and informed the watchman to take care of my bike even if its late. Then, i sat in the front seat and gave her a decent smile for which she also blushed. She told me that going in bike to her apartment was not ok coz of register entry and questioning from the security.

Breast and vaginal massage

Oh i didnt tell how anitha was…. She was around 40 years, big breasts like namitha, semi-fair in complexion, not very good looking. But she was very sexy in her pink saree which was very decent and no exposure at all. Then we slowly entered the apartment premises in basaveshwaranagar and she told when to the basement, parked the car and we both proceed to the lift and landed in 3 floor.

Her apartment was not very posh but considerably good to stay. I was clear that she is alone at home. But was confident with the availability of honey, milk, coconut oil, … …. Then she spoke to me for a while to make herself confident and bringing down her nervous mind.

She then asked me to proceed. I asked her for the kitchen and to help me for preparing the mixture. She took me holding my hand to the kitchen. And while preparing the initial system for preparation, we several time brushed our bodies and we were feeling like we know each other since long time and are free to do anything. Then she started giving me the ingredients as i asked her one by one and told her not to tell anybody about the receipe.

She agreed. After that, we had some tea and snacks. Then i told asked her where we would have the massage.

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She told me it would be good in the bed room on a chair as this is the massage position for this massage. After arranging all the required items, i told her to sit relaxed on the chair and respond what i tell her to do. She was looking like a friary. I told her to close her eyes.

She did. Slowly, i started massaging her shoulders first, then slowly moved my hand side-ward on her body till her hips, and i could feel that she was enjoying that. While story backward, i slightly moved my hand to the middle of her stomach and came upward moving my palms over her breasts on the saree. It was very firm. Then i removed the saree pin and did the breast activity again on her blouse and stopped on her breasts trying to point out the nipples which i know would have been aroused. I could point the nipples and slowly pressed them with my index and centre fingers. She started to moan a little.

After that, slowly, i removed her saree completely and unhooked her blouse. After that, i did the same activity on her white coloured bra which was lacy type and looking exotic. After this, i slowly moved my palms from her shoulder to her breast and inserted inside the bra a little and massage the cleavage. She started her fingers running on her petticoat under her belly. I told her not to do that or she will not enjoy entire pleasure.

Then i got rid of her petticoat and slowly moved my palms on her vagina above the panty which was matching her bra. Then, i unhooked her bra and slowly moved it aside.

I first massaged in a particular way arabic style without any lubrication on her bare breasts. Her nipples were pointing sharp. She said that itself would make her cum. But i told her not to touch her vagina. After a 5 min massage, i took some prepared oil, applied on both my palms, and applied on her backward from her under part of the chest to her neck. I massaged her completely for mins and she enjoyed every second of the movement.

Then the oil had to be absorbed and should not touch them for a while. Till then, i was massaging her back and the sides of her breasts. She enjoyed this too.

‘breast massage’ stories

Then i told her to stand and applied this oil from her underbelly to the end of her vagina. While applying, she almost said that its going to come out. I told her to relax and started massaging the upper lips of vagina without touching the clitoris as it may make her cum. After massaging for next 10 mins, i told her not to touch and let it absorb. Meanwhile, i was playing with her butts and removing oil from my palms.

My happy ending

Then i took her to the bathroom and washed her breasts and vagina with mild warm water which i had prepared using rose water. Then i slowly wiped her breasts and vagina with a soft cotton cloth. Then i told her to sit again in the same position, applied milk on her breasts and a little bit of honey too. This milk and story should be used only on breasts and nipples. While applying, i asked her where she feel like cumming, she prayed me to do so to get relieved, which she was controlling since long.

Then i placed a cloth on the bed and told her to lye breast sideward facing me. Then i started to slowly massage her lips of massage without any oil or cream. While doing so, i had allowed the milk and the honey to get absorbed on her breasts and nipple. I slowly started licking the nipple and slow sucking while massaging downward.

Massage part 3

I had already told her that i would suck a little while applying the honey and milk. While sucking he breast, i started massaging her clitoris and i could feel her jerks when doing that. I started to suck the other breasts and increased my pace in massaging her clitoris and the upper vaginal lips simultaneously.

And suddenly she held my hand and said, its over.

Boobs massage

Then i cleared all the honey and milk on her breasts and took her to wash like i did before. After that i wiped her breast and vaginal with the same cloth that i used to wipe earlier. Now her breasts were glowing beautifully after the massage and she herself could not believe while watching herself in the mirror every now and then. She thanked me for the pleasure massage and told me that would let me know when she is free again. I charged her a nominal package of rs. She put on her chudidhar and took me back in her car and dropped me where i parked my vehicle.

We did not exchange our phone s.

Our only contact was through s. Later she introduced me to her friends also where i charged them and gave her the free service. There was not fucking session at all but one of her friends insisted that she wanted to suck my cock. I allowed her while massaging her friend.

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