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  • How old am I:
  • I am 27
  • Ethnicity:
  • Czech
  • Iris color:
  • I’ve got clear gray-blue eyes
  • Hair:
  • Short coarse redhead hair
  • My figure type:
  • My body features is quite chubby


Celebrities are known for their occasional nip and tuck. Though a lot of actresses are receiving implants, not all of them are getting the best. Former Baywatch beauty, Carmen Electramanaged to have a breast enhancement done right! Otherwise, directors and casting agents might not consider you for more serious roles. Since Carmen Electra is an actress and model, she was aware that her breast size can also have an impact with the deers she works with. All these concerns should be discussed with your board certified plastic surgeon before going into surgery.


I have the same pre-operative breast size and body size as the actress Carmen Electra.

Carmen electra regrets breast implants

Is it possible for me to achieve celebrity breast augmentation like hers? I agree with what has been said so far by the other surgeons; there is not much more to add other than to say you really need to sit down with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss breast him in detail what your goals are. He will need to examine you and carman carefully to what you want to acheive, and then be honest with you as to whether or not this is possible.

Our goal for each patient is for them to electra their best, not to look like someone else, and as long as you and your surgeon have this understanding, you will, in all likelihood have a fantastic result that you're happy with. Best of luck, Dr. It's his or her job to tell you whether that look is good and safe for you, and it is also their job to pick the right breast implants and the right surgical technique to give you that look.

You can see it on my profile. Hello, Take into that celebrities frequently have virtually limitless funds and often get their surgery done and re-done frequently. Most non-celebrity patients want it done in one sitting and do not want the expense of additional surgery.

Carmen electra’s eye-catching breasts

This makes accepting little things more common in the non-celebrity. It may also reduce the exposure to risk for little benefit too. Re-operative surgery is a two-edged sword.

There has to be enough potential benefit to warrant going ahead with a redo for most clients. Things can go wrong in any operation.

Achieving a breast implant result similar to a celebrity is possible. However, every patient has a unique body type and breast shape. Thus, you have to have a body and breast shape that is the same as the celebrity. If these criteria match, then choosing the correct size, shape, and profile breast implant will help you achieve a very close look.

It is certainly possible to achieve the you desire, but you need to be examined carefully and informed thoroughly by your board certified plastic surgeon. February 12, Asked By:. Sort by Recommended.

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Carmen electra shows off eye-popping cleavage in completely see through dress

George J. Beraka, MD retired. August 21, John P. Di Saia, MD. August 28, March 9, Steven Wallach, MD. Bahadir Celik, MD says: Length of stay in the hospital is 1 day,It is performed with general anesthesia. Is there a rule of thumb or tips for choosing breast augmentation sizes?

Bahadir Celik, MD says: The size of the prosthesis chosen in breast augmentation may vary according to the width of the shoulder, breast capacity, weight, height and demand of the person.

Carmen electra 'regrets breast surgery'

You and your doctor should decide how many cc breast prosthesis you will choose. Advantages of Round SiliconeMakes breasts look There can be additional cost if you need an uplift or any other associated procedure. Popular topics pain capsular contracture uneven sagging nipples. Our mission is to create a world where every investment in modern beauty is Worth It.

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Every day, people shell out thousands of dollars to go under the knife, or receive injections, all in order to try and enhance their looks.


Carmen Electra is associated with the non-benefit association, Head to Hollywood, which provides aids to brain tumour survivors.


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