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Porn star turned social media influencer, Channon Rose takes you through her life in the adult entertainment industry. She shares secret stories about working as a high class escort and talks about her encounters with celebrities, athletes and politicians.


Birthday: September 16 Age: 36 Years36 Year Old Females. Sun : Virgo. Born Country: United States.

Born in: Northridge, Los Angeles, California. Height: 5'3" cm5'3" Females. State: California. City: Los Angeles. Channon Rose is an American print model, beauty blogger and YouTube star who had formerly worked in the adult film industry. She has been featured on the covers of multiple men's magazines, including Hustler Magazine. She also hosted Playboy TV for a couple years. After deciding to retire from the adult film industry, she established herself as a successful internet personality.

She is a gifted painter and has an art-wall where she hangs her paintings. She is also a singer and songwriter.

However, they cancelled its release later, citing legal issues. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old.

Who is channon rose?

She was physically and mentally abused by her step-mother during her childhood. She was kicked out of three different junior high schools. At 15, she was sent to a boarding school, which she describes as a lockdown facility for girls. She attended a phlebotomy and EMT school and graduated as a medical technician. She then ed a nursing school, but dropped out before completing the course. She met Travis Dean via the dating website Match. After almost two years of dating, Travis proposed to her. They got married on August 16, in Walnut Grove, California.

The couple had their first child, a daughter, Snow Rose, on October 9,while welcome their second child, Storm Dean, on March 6, The couple has a cat named Bandit.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom. Channon Rose dropped out of college to the adult entertainment industry when she was a teenager.

As an adult star, she was known by the name Randi Wright. After working in adult films for 8 long years, she became bored of it and started to look for other options. She wanted to have a YouTube channel for a long time, but it was her sister who encouraged her to share her makeup and fashion tips online. Following her suggestion, she created her YouTube channel in February and started posting makeup tutorials. She soon attracted a sizable fan following and began to enjoy making videos for her fans.

She has already crossed the 1 million subscribers mark and often gets requests from her fans for holding meet and greets. American YouTubers. American Female Vloggers. American Women YouTubers. Top Short Male Athletes. Channon Rose had a traumatic childhood as a teenager and had to be admitted Channon mental hospital sixteen times.

Much of it was due to family issues. She also met with a car accident during this time, which left her paralyzed from waist rose till she regained consciousness of her lower body after a surgery. She even got into drugs and suffered from drug overdose three times, following which she developed a drug-phobia. Dropping out of school, she entered the adult film industry and also worked as a stripper for four months.

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However, she has left behind all her unpleasant memories and has learned to make the most of her life. When her fans see her, they see a happy person who is always smiling. According to her, she has mentally trained herself to push aside all the negativity.

She often thank her fans for supporting her in her new life. Channon Rose got entangled into an ugly fight with another YouTuber, Amber Walter, following her wedding reception. Channon alleged that Amber stole things during her marriage reception. The issue went so far that she filed for a restraining order on Amber.

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She initially hid it from her parents that she was working in the adult film industry. She eventually revealed the secret to her mother over phone. To her surprise, her mother handled the situation in a cool way, telling her that as long as she prioritizes her own safety and does not do illegal stuff, she is okay with it. She has had many tattoos over the past few years, but considers most of them "drunken mistakes".

She is currently going through tattoo removal treatments to get rid of all the tattoos except two that she intends to keep: a Kurt Cobain quote on her right shoulder and an amateur heart tattoo on her foot. Follow Channon Rose On: Twitter.

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Channon Rose, 36, from Los Angeles, US, found herself working in the sex industry before turning to stripping when she was


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She is a celebrity model.