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Fans already knew Sharon Carter was going to be part of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier even before Marvel released her character poster prior to its premierebut she still surprised most viewers with certain However, her appearance also brought up some other topics long thought buried. Fans will likely remember the rather baffling scene in Captain America: Civil War where VanCamp shared a kiss with Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, bringing up a fair few moral discussions due to Steve's romance with Sharon's great aunt Peggy Carter Marvel is fun, isn't it? Many even hoped that particular scene would be addressed in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier at some point. Well VanCamp certainly seems to remember it too, and she had some words to say about it. When speaking on an episode of YouTube interview series Collider Ladies Night which focuses on women in filmVanCamp inevitably came to the subject of that kiss scene.


Before his most successful film role to date, Evans had a long history of good films. Some of these films include romantic comedies, sci-fi, drama and even some thrillers. In a majority of his films, Evans had kissing scenes.

Some are more memorable than others, but they still caused the audience to blush nonetheless. Is someone as good as a kisser as they look on screen? Who knows, but these scenes can be ranked by just how hot and steamy they are.

Chris evans kiss scene gifs

Here are the best Evans on-screen kisses that include the sweet and loving to the fog-up-the-windows steamy. While the film mostly focused on the mathematical prodigy that is his niece, there was some adult romance.

Coincidently it was with actress Jenny Slate, who would later become his real-life girlfriend, now ex. The kissing scene in this film is more sweet than steamy. They finally give in to their sexual desire, but its a bit awkward as they fumble onto the bed and end up laughing. Not many would recall one of Evans's earlier film works, Loss of a Teardrop Diamond. Evans played the supporting role of Jimmy Dobyne, who was paid to be a party escort for the main character.

In the film, Jimmy meets his ex-girlfriend, Vinnie Jessica Collins. During a kissing game, Jimmy takes her outside where they proceed to kiss and then some in a car. The kiss and the entire scene are certified steamy, judging by the fogged-up car windows. The added high tempo piano and orange-hued lighting create more sex appeal. The film Cellular has a brief and sweet kiss seen in the alternate ending. It was between Evans and his real-life and now ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel only played a minor role in the film.

After the actual ending of the film, Biel's character walks up to Evan's and they have a sweet kiss. In between, there's a funny joke about a cell phone ringing before a music cue and the camera shifts away.

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Besides Fantastic Four and Captain America, there was another film where Evans had superhuman powers. He co-starred alongside Camilla Belle, who played Kira. When Kira is in the bathroom, Nick tries to work up the courage to make a move, so he pretends to accidentally walk in.

The kissing scene would make anyone blush. He then uses his telekinesis to shut the door.

About emily vancamp-kiss-chris-evans

Play It Cool may not have been everyone's favorite Evans film, but it did have a touching end scene kiss. The film is set in the third person, with Evans referring to himself as "Me. The problem is he doesn't believe in love until he meets "Her" Michelle Monaghan.

Over the course of the film, "Me" falls head over heels in love, but she's already engaged. By the end of the film, the sweet kiss they share is long overdue and he proclaims his love in front of a group of people. Evans plays the role of a Harvard Hottie who lives in the same building where the main character works.

After their first date, they don't kiss. Annie Johansson decides to forget her boss' rules and runs up flights of stairs to kiss him. The kiss is steamy and they can't contain themselves.

Iron man owes captain america a kiss on the cheek. not the cheek you think

It then turns comical when Annie breaks something in his apartment. Before We Go was Evans's first directorial debut. Evans described in interviews that the film was about the little moments that are romantic and special. They start to feel something for each other but are hindered due to Brooke's relationship.

There are two kissing scenes that are both as sweet. One is in their hotel room when they finally give in to each other's feelings.

Gifted movie kissing scenechris evans,janny slate

The other is when they have to say goodbye and possibly never see each other again. London was another film starring Evans and Jessica Biel. Almost every single kiss scene in this film is steamy and makes the temperature rise in the room. It centers around a dysfunctional couple who can't stop emotionally hurting each other.

Here’s why jojo siwa wanted the kissing scene changed in her upcoming movie

The couple, in a way, despises each other but can't stop giving in to their sexually driven desires. Throughout the entire film, the audience sees Peggy start to care for Steve, even before becoming a super-soldier. But for some reason, they couldn't take the next step in their relationship. The only kiss they share before Cap boards Red Skull's plane had people 'awww-ing' and shedding a tear.

This kiss is the top sweetest kiss because it would be their first and last. Cap is then frozen and misses his date with Peggy.

10 great films featuring super awkward kissing scenes

Evans played Colin Shae, the next-door neighbor and relentless playboy. Anna played the role of Ally Darling, who becomes scared that once she hits a highshe will be unmarriable. The two get involved in a sexual-tension-driven relationship. Eventually, Colin makes a move. While Ally wears his dress shirt, Colin claims he no longer wants to lose any more shirts and slowly unbuttons it.

The dim moonlight combined with Evans's heated gaze makes for a steamy scene. Here's why. Share Share Tweet. Gabriela Silva 12 Articles Published.

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One of the strongest films in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, the otherwise brilliant Captain America: Civil War features a kiss scene which becomes a little awkward in hindsight.