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Skip ! Story from Beauty. Everyone has an opinion on nipple piercings. Maybe you have one of your own. Maybe you want one.


Nipple piercing closed after 1 day? You come to the right place.

The best aftercare for a nipple piercing

This post is to resolve your concerns. You also ought to remember that bodies are different. What we have here is what will generally happen to most people.

For others, that is not the case. You do want to see a professional piercer when you get the nipple piercing done.

The reason for that is they are best placed to give you sound advice on what you should get. The nipple is quite a sensitive area. The nipple piercing will indeed close up after years.

Nipple piercing

However, there are those lucky ones who, even if they go years without putting jewelry, they will still have the hole. They only challenge this category of people might have is that the hole will feel a bit tight. It will indeed be uncomfortable for a bit, but it gets better. However, if the piercing has been there for a short time, for example, the six to twelve months have not lapsed, the piercing will start closing after about 24 hours.

The reason nipple piercings close up, especially when they are not entirely healed, is because the body treats the piercing as any wound- because it is. Therefore, your body will work to heal the exposed area of flesh as a way to help prevent foreign bodies from getting into the body.

Again, for some, the hole will close after a long time or not at all.

For others, the process of changing the nipple ring or barbell the first time will cause it to close. After the piercing is healed, some have minimal scarring; sometimes, it leaves a mark. For some, the situation is not simple; they end up getting hypertrophic scarring or keloids.

In the worst-case scenario, your body might reject the piercing, and you end up with a scar that might even require surgery to fix. Who even needs a bra….

How to recognize and treat a nipple piercing infection

On average, nipple piercings take quite a lot of time to heal. For some, it takes a few months, about six, and for others, it will take as long as a year. Bodies are indeed different, and for some, the piercing never does heal. That means no going to the pool, spa, and other bodies of water for that matter. Also, be sure that you always use clean water to take a bath.

How long does it take for piercings to close?

You also avoid touching the nipple or playing with the barbell or ring that you have. You want the hole to heal undisturbed.

Guys, thanks for reading. For more posts, piercing related questions at our piecing category.

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16 things you should know before getting a nipple piercing

She is a jewelry deer at SOQ Jewelry and other de companies. Now she is also a writer for our website. You must be logged in to post a comment. View this post on Instagram.

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