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Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue's own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus. The main gay sauna in Jacksonville since


Fading Star with Ridiculous Rules I've been to bath houses all over the eastern U. This one is a moderate size and has a great indoor pool thus can be used regardless of weather. Hot tub is somewhat small, but hot and functional as is the steam room. Wet area was fairly clean The no-nudity rules in common, "public" areas is absolutely absurd!

They only permit nudity in the wet area and on the sun deck. You must wear something in the club hallways, locker area, etc. Take off the towel and get some sun. Put the towel on to walk back inside and go down to the pool. Take off the towel to swim, steam, hot tub.

Put it back on to leave wet area.

Have we got something wrong?

The crowd is mixed ages and types Rooms are very minimalist, but whole place is fairly clean and comfortable. Obviously an older building and facilities, several closed areas, raggedy carpets, chipped paint, poor lighting, etc.

This can be interpreted as character though. For the cost inexpensive compared to other placesthis place is o. Annoying rules though and no place to just sit nude and relax or socialize except the sun deck I wouldn't do much to renovate the place, it's kitschy and pleasingly old-school just continue to keep it cleanbut everyone can see naked bodies in certain areas, why require cover-up in other areas? Great place to hookup I have been there twice and I'be had fun bothtimes.

Nice sauna and pool. I was visiting from up North this past summer and got there in the middle of a weekday and was surprised by the fun I was able to have. Although the rules might seem stiff, the staff was cool and I was able to get the attention I needed in the pool, the steamroom and a little corner upstairs. I found lo of fun. Locker room in a gym experience This bath house looked like it would have been awesome in its hey day in the 80s.

That's the cool part is if you'd like to see how a top cheesy sex club bath probably looked like. When it opened this place was awesome and was a resort quality. Even though it says the replaced the carpets, they are dirty and need to be replaced again.

The pool, steam room, sauna, and showers were all in one main area and I could see where this could be a fun area when it's filled with bodies. Steam room worked super well, but had weird markings on the ceiling. Upstairs is a bunch of rooms, there is no maze. No place to take your dude to have fun with. The gym is low on equipment.

Club baths

The staff was super friendly. When I was there also was only a few young dudes but NO old dudes.

That was a cool surprise. Not much to do except swim or steam Place was trying to stay clean, but did not look professionally clean If you want to hook up you HAVE to get a room. Think of it as the house room in a gym experience. Old and Moldy This is a very dirty, moldy but reputable bath house. No sexual behavior allowed in common areas, no smoking except on the sun deck and no nudity in common areas.

The old gymnasium needs cleaning and updated. The men were of different ages equally divided between 20's, 30's and older. The service at front door was deceit and the people were very friendly. This is my last visit. It's just OK I drove up there from Orlando just for something different to do. It could be a cool place, the upstairs maze of rooms could be a lot of fun, if there was more people there.

The lighting is too club all over the club. The steam room smells moldy--it's huge and too bright. There were 2 hot guys when I got there--a lean muscular blonde guy in his late 30's to early 40's, and a young 20's naturally thick cute masc guy with a tattoo--looked like he might have been in the Navy. I had jacksonville of them bath an hour, and went home. Bi married guy considering going and looking to ask some questions. Thanks in advance guys. Had fun.

Gym was outdated. But no one really goes there. The swim alone was fun.

Closest gay places to jacksonville (florida)

I'd go back in a second Back in November, I went here and this was my first experience with a bath house. I had a great time. While it is true that there are a lot of older men, the young hotties more than made up for it and besides some of the older men really didnt look all that bad.

None of them were too persistent. If I made it obvious I wasnt interested, they left me alone. I will admit the place is very dated but it's reasonably clean. I thought it was funny that they had workout equipment because I never saw anyone using it. It doesn't matter if its early on a weekday or late on a Friday night, the selection of guys at this place is the absoluate worst!

I can't believe that in the largest city in Florida, the only bathhouse never has more than about guys. I tried going at different times but it didn't make a difference. The place is moderaly clean. Get over the age thing! It doesn't matter which bathhouse you go to, there will always be older men there.

And this place is clean; I don't know of any bathhouse that is squeaky clean. The place is a gem for those living in and around Jacksonville. The sun deck alone is worth the price of admission. It has a terrific indoor pool, a nice jacuzzi, a HOT steam room and enough gym equipment. No porn in TV room Jacksonville law? If the younger generation would learn to co-exist with their elder counterparts everyone can end up having a good time.

Despite its compact gay scene, jacksonville city has a gay sauna called "club jacksonville".

I was visiting for a b-ball tournament and went to Club Jacksonville two days in a row didn't find much else to do and had a terrific time. All my needs were met. Don't know if the music changes at night. And there were some younger hotties in there and all seemed to be having a good time. Just be aware that the bathhouse culture includes men of all ages. Make a great time for yourself.

Make use of the sun deck and other amenities. Places like this are few and far between. Close your eyes and use your imagination if you have to. Play safe. The two guys running the place are RUDE. Jacksonville bathhouses Club Jacksonville. Grab a towel and release your tensions.

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Club Baths was a chain of gay bathhouses in the United States and Canada with particular prominence from the s through the s.


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Originally constructed in , the nearly 11, square foot, two-story building sits on a lot of slightly more than 20, square feet.


IT is all new and bright and shinny.