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Co-ed Confidential, a show based on the popular movie Animal House, begins with the banning of a wild, rowdy fraternity.

The fraternity house is then turned into an experimental dorm for incoming freshman. The house is overseen by two upperclassman, Ophelia and James. James and Ophelia are involved with one another in a romantic relationship. The show follows the group of students as they move into the dorm and begin making connections with one another.

Where to watch coed confidential online

Each plot line revolves around the students and their non-academic pursuits, including their social life, hookups, makeups and breakups. The show, which is strongly focused on the sexual relationships of those living in the house, aims to look at the social atmosphere in which college students are living, especially when a co-ed group is forced into such close quarters.

The house, which becomes a character in and of itself, is the setting of a majority of the scenes in each show.

The house, because of its former legacy, retains a charm on campus and brings a great deal of students to it on a regular basis. Each student living in the dorm, is somehow involved with each of the other roommates, as well as a wide array of students from other dorms and around campus.

Co-ed confidential season 2

Co-ed Confidential, which is currently in its fourth season, carried the original cast through their four years of undergraduate studies before introducing new members into the fold. Slowly, new cast members are becoming intricate parts of the story line. The show, which is considered a "dramatic-comedy," is shot in the same method as a traditional sitcom show and employs comedic timing but limited dialogue to tell the story each week.

Each episode is connected to the last through a series of events and, more importantly, relationships. Full Episodes Details. Filter by Source.

Feature Undercover Work. The Last Hurrah. Performance Anxiety.

Future Sex. CSI Co-Ed. Come As You Are. Wright; the Dean uses the sex tape as leverage against Daniel and Layla. Let Me Seduce You. Girls in Love.

Hot for Teacher. Finding Mr. Right Now. After Party Girl. Staying Power.

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A frat house notorious for parties is turned into a co-ed residence for four freshmen under the supervision of a graduate student and her occasional boyfriend, a party animal from the closed


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