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Hey, Geeks. Welcome to Your Favorite Thing Sucks, where I get to talk about all the worst parts of your favorite things. Comic-Con is one of the greatest things to ever happen to Geekdom. Because everyone else there loves Geekery as much as we do, right? And yet, there are so many things that people can and WILL do to ruin your experience.


Written by owner Chuck Rozanski, he shares that after 44 years, he is officially done with San Diego. From his letter, it sounds like the divorce was brewing for some time. As a result of his letter, a myriad of writers, bloggers, comic book creators and fellow vendors have harrumphed in unity to show their support. Long time fans have agreed that the show is not comics focused anymore, gritting their teeth and shaking their fists at the Hollywood presence that dominates much of the attention.

There is a lot to unpack here. I too am a veteran of the show of a dozen years. While there have been many changes to the show, I would argue that none so great than what has happened in the past 12 years.

Since aboutSan Diego Comic-Con has become the pop culture capital of the world and this site has chronicled that success over the years. Owners like him are a dying breed as are comic book shops with the history and legacy of Mile High.

So when I state the following, I say it with all respect to him, to Mile High and to all of his supporters; Chuck, grow up. Instead, it showed me a crumudgeon that was not willing to change with the times.

Blaming how the floor is laid out, the popularity of offsite events, the Hollywood presence and most importantly, the taste of fans, makes it sound like Chuck is a dinosaur cursing the meteorite that is plummeting to Earth. Change is going the hit the surface whether we like it or not- and blaming all the conditions around it makes Chuck sound like a sore loser.

Tips on the san diego comic-con and other conventions

Is Comic-Con expensive? Sure it is, but no one is forcing anyone to be there. With the explosion of shows around the world, there certainly are plenty of exhibit opportunities instead of SDCC. The philosophy of clutching onto the past has rarely bode well for business owners since the dawn of time.

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Complaining about how things used to be is a galactic waste of time. The next generation needs veterans to lead and inspire them- not show them how dinosaurs die. How about instead of going down kicking and screaming, you throw a big farewell party at Comic-Con saying goodbye to fans. Comic-Con International: San Diego is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.

Comic-Con is doing what it has set out to do 47 years ago- creating awareness of, and appreciation for comics and all related popular artforms. Sure the show has gone through some serious growth and comic the emphasis has gone to a lot of the TV and film properties. However, Comic-Con still celebrates and elevates more comic book creators than almost any other entity in the world along with comic book vendors. As the programming is being released this week, try counting the hours devoted to comic book creators.

Con all know change is hard but writing letters and blaming everyone else for your business woes sounds like an entitled kid that wants to take his ball and go home. I want good men and companies like Chuck and Mile High to win and get the suck they deserve.

No doubt he has paid his dues and has committed his life to providing comics to a legion of adoring fans. My hope is that he and his business continues to grow each year without relying on Comic-Con business. Chuck, just go to the island, Chris Pratt will be along shortly to welcome you.

I love comic books, but i hate comic-con

The organizers of Comic-Con are far from perfect. Managing the biggest pop culture event of the year is no easy task and they make mistakes as humans do.

They will learn from this backlash but more importantly, I hope we learn too. While the mission statement will stay the same, the experience will change year after year. Meteorites fall all the time and you can either evolve or hang out with the dinosaurs over in the corner. We all love dinosaurs but you know what we love more? To watch them fight, tear each other apart and die. This is how you go out in the worst circumstances.

His last sentiment is priceless:. Nicely done here. I was into everything else. But the comics inspiration is clearly a huge part of all of that. You make a con of great points on con. Hopefully the old school comic book shops can switch things up and make a bigger impact at comic con. To simply skip over the fact that his goods were not dropped off by CCI on time and he paid for 12 sucks to sit on their hands all day is a pretty big fact to skip over especially when his peers goods were delivered on time.

To not get an apology, let alone a discount for last year or a credit to this year is pretty rough. Put yourself in his shoes and realize he lost time and money for CCI dropping the ball on logistics. Chuck has regularly discussed how poorly smaller vendors are comic and the loading docks get taken up by the Lucasfilms of the world.

The real change that has happened is clearly CCI and how they treat their vendors, in particular smaller vendors. Comic-Con has always been committed to the veterans and I believe they made every effort to make it right. Bottom line is that he and lot of comic book vendors have been making less money for years and he just wants to blame everyone but himself.

He should know that after 44 years that you win some and you lose some- no single day at CC is going to break his company. Its his attitude that will. While I agree with you, I also agree with Chuck. The underlying fact is that changes happen, but not all changes have been for the better. I completely avoided the suck last year, deciding to stay within the confines of the hotels for interviews and off campus events. There seems to be an unpreparedness with those in charge comic the past few years that has become more noticeable.

The convention that has something for everyone, with some adjustments, can continue to keep that pledge. I agree times have changed. I personally never really shop for comics at the con because of having to carry them and keep them in my room for the trip. I do think overall maybe he should have been treated better after his incredibly long service record with the Con.

I respect his stand but at the same time I think you wrote an excellent article of the current landscape and the progression into the future.

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Thank you for this, comic a well thought out, well written piece on how to adapt. As a 55 year-old woman, I am constantly seeing people of my generation become grouchy old curmudgeons, wailing and complaining about how things used to be. Put your big girl con on and grow up! Stop denying yourself the fun of life by refusing to adapt! Anyway, your suck is on point. Good job! See you at Comic-Con! We need veteran to lead by example and to show the next generation how to evolve with the times- not just pack up their things and move on. No doubt change is painful but who has ever won that battle by complaining about it?

Thanks for your comments! You are a typical arrogant Millennial…. This article comes as no surprise. I agree with you and I agree with Chuck at the comic time, he should have been treated with more respect and Comic Con is a business the same way he is running one and pay con to sit around and eat all day is not right. He was there when people made fun of us for going and there was no internet to download and steal comics. He is the reason there is Comic Con for us to go to only because he kept going when business was slow. I have been going for 13 years and everything changed 10 years ago.

Studios take over the show and push out the vendors who really need to be there to turn a profit for the year, I know the studios only come because its cheaper to go there for the suck and let the fans do the promoting for them. People like Chuck made have not changed with the timesbut he in the end the change we get is not the one people like myself we be happy with.

Save your money Chuck and sit it out this year and pocket the 18 grand and go on a long vacation with your staff after 45 years you earned it.

Sound off at the critics once again as the ultimate movie and tv debate show he back to san diego.

I myself come for the comics and buy a big stack each year, that is my comic book buying week for the year. No drama on their part.

And why blast them for their decision? Respectfully I disagree.

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Instead, he blames everything else except his ability to evolve with the times. I respect his decision to bow out but not his motive to blame the show. Instead, celebrate that and take the time to thanks the show runners and fans. Instead, he took his opportunity to be a curmudgeon. No thank you. Ive watched the con evolve, mostly for the better, attending what will be my 18th this year. Like what often happens on the internet I feel you completely missed his tone. You say he came off bitter. I think he was laying out what happened, just as it happened.

Thanks for your thoughts and I respect you for your differing opinion.

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