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On this of our game guide to Desperados 3 you can find the third and last part of our walkthrough of mission 12 - Dirt and Blood. In the final part of the mission you have to play as Cooper. Our walkthrough explains how to sneak through the ship and where Frank is residing.


Just in case you missed it on theI want to warn you again that looking at the treasures on the main screen will lock up the game. This glitch is not game breaking, that I am aware of, but annoying. You will have to shut down the game and reload it if this happens. There is no need to look here as the map in game shows all treasures found and a different symbol for all treasures collected.

I did this thinking you needed to go there to unlock the treasure rewards. This is not the case. This guide has been written for speed and these are very easy puzzles.

Puzzles are colour-coded. Those with a yellow border require yellow imps. BP means bridge pieces, IP means impa portal. It's also worth noting that I refer to the Imparite stones the red gems in-game simply as stones throughout this walkthrough. Really straight forward, literally no other paths to take. The section is going to teach you how to use your imps, how to collect imps, how to unlock portals and how to summon imps from said portals.

They can fly over gaps so they won't die from falling, they ignore scent trails and they do decent damage to enemies. They are mostly used for lifting ramps. Always keep more of these than any other type of imp unless specified not to. I'll refer to these from now as purple imps. Cruisy Complete the tutorial and meet up with Ericka, Johnny and Dennis.

When we begin this time we will be aiming for 3 achievements. As a quick note - Fast Friends will not unlock until after you end the day. Fast Friends unlocks for killing 5 enemies in one night. If you don't get these now, you can return to Island 1 with 30 imps of your choosing later in the game and easily do this.

When selecting this mission you will notice the ability to select two different starting points. You will be able to start where ever you find an imp portal. You imps cannot a battle if they are otherwise preoccupied. You'll also be informed that, as Drac and Mavis are vampires, they obviously can't be out during the day.

You have 10 minutes to explore the island before sunrise and the end of the night, there will be a timer on screen for this. As soon as you hityou'll be automatically taken back to the ship. Some of the achievements require you to complete a set amount of a task like killing enemies in one night, and some of the timings can be a little tight, if you stop to explore too much. Note: You can't get any treasures in your first few days.

Follow polygon online:

Prospector Collect 5 Imparite Stones in a single night. Fast Friends Defeat 5 enemies in a single night. Sea Dog Rescued Wayne. A scent trail will be a thick yellow smoke, the yellow should remind you that your yellow imps are vulnerable. This will be common through out the rest of the game.

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Also these are needed to tear down giant dirt walls. You will notice the wall has a yellow perimeter and this is a hint as to what colour imp you will need. They also open doors which have a yellow outline, which have stones with a rope for a single wolfimpa to open.

I will refer to wolfimpas as yellow imps from here on out. Pearl-fect Timing Retrieve an object from a clam without it closing on anyone.

Easy Money Collect your first treasure. Suggested army makeup 8 yellow imp, 7 purple imps. This boss was irritating. I ran around in circles, throwing purple imps at the Stink Bulbs he summoned and Yellow imps at the boss. If you ignore the Stink Bulbs they will distract your yellow imps. He spits at you which is why you should keep running in circles around him. He does a ground pound attack that sends your imps flying, recall them after this.

Do not turn back when he shoots or you will take a direct hit to you or your imps.

First half of

I would summon all the imps he threw in the air by spamming and repeat the process till he died. If he defeats you there is an imp portal shortly before the boss. If you've followed my suggestion of ending day after almost every portal, other than the first day, you can dashboard quit and reload the game to prevent having to farm more imps. All bosses in this video. I've added this for anyone struggling.

Credit goes to XCageGame for video. On to Island 2. Make sure before you start looking, you unlock the portal beside him. Well Connected Unlock half of all Impa Portals.

1/ challenge guide

Out on a Limb Rescued Frank. Blue imps can be used to move extremely heavy objects such as shipping containers and weigh twice as much as other imps so they are very useful for pushing buttons to block scent trails or to act as elevators.

Now all that's left is to finish the island. You will not be able to unlock the last portal so don't bother. Only 2 more collectible treasures in this map. The rest of the imp portals and treasures will require green imps. Vampirate Collect 3 objects from Giant Clams. To be Frank Defeat an enemy with the impact from a thrown Frankenimpa.

When facing this boss make sure you have blue imps. I had 10 of them and 5 of the other 2.

When he first stands up wait for him to charge you Not just preparing to and throw a blue imp to hit and stun him. Run away from him since this was just to remove his armor and hes going to charge you. Wait for him to charge AND raise his claw while charging. Hit him with a blue imp to stun him, again, and immediately charge him with all imps with. When he is no longer stunned about half health mash to call in all your imps.

Repeat one or two times until he's crab meat. Until he sleeps with the fishes. Gratz :. You are going to rush forwardwhile using to drop your yellow imps when necessary. You will meet up with Murray. Fortunately you don't need to collect anything to get the achievement and final imp. That's a Wrap Rescued Murray. They will die before killing something so I'm not sure why they were even given this ability. These guys aren't great in combat in my opinion but still very useful.

You will have to build sand bridges with them and when you do they will stay where you threw them until you recall them with. I found it not worth the time to go back and grab one or two imps. These were my sacrificial pawns.

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Frank , though he usually goes by Frankie, is a Brofinder date for Mark.


This contains information on how to complete one of Deathloop's main le, Devouring of the Lambs.


Go down on the road and follow the path.


IGN's complete strategy guide and Deathloop Walkthrough will lead you through every step of Deathloop from The Longest Day to Ending It , including the best ways to take down every Visionary target, and more.