horney asian Valerie
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  • What is my age:
  • 21
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • I’ve got large dark eyes
  • Sex:
  • Girl
  • I can speak:
  • Spanish
  • Body type:
  • I'm quite plump
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Rock
  • What is my hobbies:
  • I like riding a horse
  • Tattoo:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • No


Video Details Share Comments 0. Duration: Views: 1 Submitted: 2 years ago. Description: When Jacob arrived here at CF, you can imagine I began thinking of all the different types of scenes I'd love to see this guy in. His blue eyes are nothing short of mesmerizing, his body is incredible, and he's also just a treat to have around!


Will they ever collect? I guess the debt collectors are just covering all the bases?

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That judgment is no longer in our hands. We transferred it, along with a batch of other judgments, to a third party for less than the actual value of the judgments. We regularly package up our unpaid judgments and sell them. In our eyes, this company and Mr. Lyons have buried the hatchet, and we wish him well.

Jake iii (corbin fisher)

The dispute is now between him and whichever company now owns the judgment. Corbin Fisher ruined my life. I am prepared to begin to seek damages for defamation of character.

I think Liberty Media holdings owes me an apology. I think it would be good for this apology to come in the form of a check. I was mistreated on a false basis.

My life was threatened on many occasions by Mark Randazza, my house was broken into, my friends were paid for information and my privacy was violated. This is silly in that every time a porn model uses a studio pic w studio logo is is cross promotion that benefits the studio.

Why would they object to raising the profile on their brand and product. It seems counter productive to me. Would you be able to point me towards where you saw him on flirt4free? David: your nicely worded, sincere request is very similar to that which collection agency reps use. You may indeed be legit; however, your words are similar to the line a collector used on me when trying to locate my older brother for an outstanding debt.

Answer: Yes. You made a deal. You agreed to certain terms. By breaking those terms, you pay the price. People think they can get away with bad behavior and be rewarded for it.


Then I got smart and tired of dealing with these people who were dishonest and I moved onto other things. So understand the situation before commenting on it. For something like this, small-claims court or something, sure. But a million bucks? Cry me a river. Shut the fuck up you simple minded bastard and just stick to jerking off!

So just shut up! I feel really bad for this kid and the porn stars who have no clue to what they are getting themselves into. This is yet one of the many reasons studio porn is a dwindling business. The whole porn industy business model needs to be re-written, revamped and changed. Where is a sugar daddy to hire this kid a really good lawyer,to right this wrong?????

Corbin Fisher is a greedy ruthless site.

Free porn tubes

Get a grip saddos. If it was a point they wanted to make, it was mission accomplished when they won. The whole episode no doubt discouraged others from using their pics, so they got what they wanted. To continue to go after the kid like a character out of Les Miserables was ludicrous, and by doing that they lost their high moral ground. Now everyone sees them as a bully. Good move. The whole outfit seems like a goddamn cult. Maybe he can start making money again if he takes up eating pussy? I plea to have anyone who re this post, boycott this piece of shit studio.

I think this is just too funny. Isnt being a hooker illegal??

Free porn

Hmmmmmm…… I love it. A judgment like that destroys your credit. No one will lend you money to buy a car or a house. It also never goes away.

On the credit reports, it appears for 10 years and then drops. As far as being able to collect, it depends on the statute of limitations of the state in which it was issued. But it never disappears from court documents though. Actually that is not correct. Once the 10 years have run out, the judgement will end.

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That is exactly why these companies got the judgement shortly after they were awarded as it would allow them almost the full 10 years to collect. These judgements are not purchased several years in regardless of the amount. They all use studio pics. Who the fuck cares?

Jake iv (corbin fisher)

Get a life CF and leave these kids alone. Actually he HAS been seen. He has been in several recent scenes for European studios Blake Mason is the one that comes to mind. I actually thought he had started working living?

Still puzzled what Lyons did in the first place to make CF want to pursue this so badly. Talk about over kill. Does CF need this money that badly? Poor kid, his credit will be fucked for years.

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Jake is a showman, and is more than comfortable in front of the cameras.


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