stunner floozy April
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  • What is my age:
  • 50
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Emirati
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • I’ve got lively gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • Gender:
  • Lady
  • What is my hair:
  • Silvery
  • What is my Sign of the zodiac:
  • Gemini
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Tequila


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These are pretty self explanatory, some of these achievements are important branching choices. During the tutorial the first choice you make. Choose the option to recruit her.

Continue heading north through the woods from Brint and you will eventually reach the Alraune. You may need to level up once based on the difficulty you chose at the beginning. Once the Alraune is defeated and dealt with.

Further north you will find yourself in the Wayfort. The waystone will be in one of the spaces off to the left. The icon is that of the achievement. Just activate it and use it to teleport back to Hawkethorne for the achievement.

The current final story achievement. It is a series of battles in the far north past the kitsune den. Once they are all complete and the story sequence ends the achievement will pop. This is the last main section and most of the work in progress currently.

Located in the Old Woods here. Solution to the three door puzzles are seen below. Place the final Gem in the empty slot. Once past the wayfort you will find yourself in the Frost Wood, home of the Tanuki and Kitsune. After a conversation with Lady Evergreen she will give you a quest to retrieve her bag from the Kitsune den in the north.

I recommend being level 5 and being familiar with Kiyoko and the talisman of before attempting the Kitsune den, making it to the end will award you the achievement. These two achievements are currently achieved the same way. Complete the quest for Rindo The half burnt kitsune.

Corruption of champions ii scene archives

The quest involves fighting waves of training dummies. Swear your loyalty to Keros once he reveals himself to become a Kitsune and complete these achievements. Ask the Head of the Kitsune den located upstairs for her blessing once you have freed Kyoko and go through with the story sequence. As you raise Kinu she gains a hidden personality score starting at 1. Upon escaping her prison with her mother the final personality score is checked; a negative score will mean Kinu takes on the Kitsune Hime personality; zero or above means she takes on the Inari Shoujo personality.

You can influence the outcome via events that occur when you visit Kiyoko with the amulet on. These four achievements are all linked. Below are a series of steps to get these achievements. She will ask you to retrieve her Wyvern Venom.

Story achievements

Head out east to the Foothills and explore until you find a wyvern. Defeat it and milk the venom from it. Return the venom and quest complete. They can be found hiding and playing in a cave in the Foothills to the east. Agree to help them take on the mercenary and bring them the weapons and armor they request. Fight off the merc and take them in as your own harem to complete the quest and earn the achievement.

Berwyn can be encountered in the Foothills to the east. If you are level 3 or greater and have beaten him once he will ask for your help defeating his mistress. Once you encounter the witch she will escape and Berwyn will be recruitable at the Frost Hound. Head back to the area in the tutorial where you fought Master Tollus, in the North East of Hawkethorne.

You will encounter a mysterious knight. After defeating her it is revealed to be Atugia a dullahan. Find her and come back or wait until you find her in the shower. After having relations with her you will be able to take her contract and recruit her. While adventuring in Harvest Valley to the south you will eventually come across Quintillus investigate his cries for help, fight off the cultists and help him back to town. Head back to the Frost Hound and chat with him. Offer him your help and he will ask for a few items.

Return them to him all buyable throughout town and he will be recruitable. Talk to Brother Sanders at the church in Hawkethorne. Make sure to search around and open the wordlock chest. Finish the area and head back to Brother Sanders to finish the quest and unlock the cloister. Another choice achievement. Save before you take on the Centaur village and reset after corrupting or purifying the village and do the opposite. Once you unlock the Kitsune Den, Kohaku will begin to sell her wares.

A rare item costing up to thousands of electrum coins. One of the most annoying achievements, this can take many in game weeks to achieve. Do this this you need several things:. Ask Ivris about alchemy in Hawkthorne then purchase the portable kit. While talking with Cait there will be an option to give her Bovum Sherry infused with Sweet Cream through alchemy.

Bovum sherry can be purchased from Kohaku in the Kitsune den, Tamarind from the travelling caravan, or the Minotaur Gate Guard located in the foothills. In my experience it took between Sweet Cream Bovum Sherry, so buy extras. Find and consume 2 bimbo-brews within a short amount of time.

They frequently drop from the imp hordes in Frostwood. This is a permanent character alteration.

Hands down the hardest achievement to get. Requires upwards ofElectrum poured into the nursery in Hawkthorne. Donations can be made 10, electrum at a time. A lot of grinding. Fight monsters in glacial rift for some of the highest payouts, and sell items often. Talk to River in the middle of Hawkethorne near the Waystone. Costs 10 EC. Requires heavy transformation towards being an Elf. Wyld Wine can be bought for 50 EC each. Once you are an elf-kin. Head south. Hashat can be found near the Mare Village, once you find her and let her show you a good time, the achievement will pop.

The only current seasonal events occur in October and November. Two of which occur randomly when sleeping, and the third can occur randomly in the Old woods or Frost Woods areas. In the far south of Harvest Valley, and east of Mare village you will find a cave that contains armor that Brint can wear. If you complete this quest the achievement is locked.

You must wait 3 days and Brint will transform into Brienne giving you the achievement. This achievement may require a bit of planning.

Once done perform lots of procreative activities with Brienne and once she has the scene with Cait and Gwyn go through all her dialogue options in the Frost Hound for the achievement. Once Cait is a high enough level she will learn a spell that can revive you if you fall in battle. Will more than likely occur naturally during the course of the game, or while you are working on other achievements.

Oops, sorry!

Talk to Garth at the Frost Hound and purchase the chest for him as extra storage for an easy achievement. Get your corruption to I found the easiest way to accomplish this is to head south into Harvest Valley and attempt to Ford the river. Surrender or have relations with the tentacle cultist for an easy 5 corruption all the way until Once 75 perform horrid actions like ruining Ryn, equipping the tentacle staff the aforementioned cultist drops and performing actions with Kasyrra during story events.

Once close to I found the easiest way to get the remaining points was to surrender to the imp horde in the Frost Woods. Once you reach corruption lowering it is a bit easier.

Corruption of champions ii [v] [savin/salamander studios]

You can repeatedly choose the cloister option, pay EC each time and bring your corruption back to 0. Other options include the Statue random event in the Old Woods area available every 7 days. Moving after reaching 0 corruption should give the achievement. See you soon! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Written by Livo.

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Transformative items are items that can transform the Champion or other characters when consumed.