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  • 40
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  • Estonian
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  • I'm lady
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  • I'm medium-build
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  • White wine


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In January ofI wrote about seeing a t-shirt decorated with Grateful Dead dancing bears in a Wal-Mart in a small Southwestern desert town. I thought it was a strange and maybe one-time experience, but now it seems Wal-Mart is in the drug culture business.

I saw another Grateful Dead t-shirt in a larger, urban Wal-Mart late in This shirt had a red, white, and blue on grey color scheme; long sleeves; and roses and a Stealie on the front. I wanted the shirt, but it was made for a smaller person, or at least one with a body shape different from mine.

But what did it mean that the shirt was for sale in a Wal-Mart? But now it was starting to seem maybe Wal-Mart was in the Grateful Dead business.

I found myself back in the Wal-Mart. Oh no. Wal-Mart had, in fact, expanded its connection with the drug culture.

The first drug-themed shirt I saw featured a spiral of colorful, happy, laughing anthropomorphized mushrooms. I think even my mother the picture of innocence, only drank alcohol to excess once, never took a street drug in her life would know those mushrooms had something to do with drugs.

It was decorated with the red, yellow, and green of Rasta the same Rasta famous for the use of marijuana in a tie-dye-esque spiral, and across the chest was emblazoned the word TRIPPIN. Or do I just know that and assume everyone else knows it too simply because I am part of the drug culture?

Maybe my mother and others of her ilk could make a case that the shirt is merely referencing blowing a situation out of proportion. Besides, not every stoner can afford head shop prices.

How is Wal-Mart getting away with selling such unwholesome, drug culture promoting items? Could those customers possibly not know what those shirts are all about?

I know what the shirts are about, and they amuse me whenever I see them, especially when I stumble into the store first thing in the morning. Mar I took all the photos in this post.

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