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When the player enters the boss room, only her torso is visible until after she is approached or hit.


One of the most difficult - but at the same time fascinating - areas of Dark Souls II is without shadow excuse the pun that of the Shady Woods.

The dark land, infested with tough lion men, holds an almost solemn charm, thanks also to the presence of one of the most dramatic and at the same time fascinating stories of all the imaginary of FromSoftware. In fact, enclosed in the fog of the sepulchral structure, it is possible to find - and face - the beautiful and fearful Najka, the scorpion woman.

Beware, though, its story goes far beyond your imagination. First you have to attack the poisonous spikes after the boss has planted them in the ground, in order to break them and limit his attacks.

Know that Najka is able to inflict massive damage and toxicity on you if she grabs you with her grip. Also, if you stay behind her for too long, she will perform a powerful spin attack.

Try to always stay to the side, never in front otherwise it will grab them. Then remember to get on one of the rock shoves when it goes underground, so as not to get hurt when it goes up. But when she casts the spells, take cover behind one of the trees or run towards her.

With these few tricks, Najka will not be a danger to you even if, on the surface, he may seem like a dangerous boss, in reality he is one of the easiest of all Dark Souls II. To get help against this boss, you can summon the scorpion man Tarkif you have talked to him Ring of Whispers available from cat a Majula. Know that he is very strong and can prove to be a real "ace in the hole" if you find yourself in trouble.

Dark souls 2 - scorpioness najka, boss guide

Di Najka, the scorpionvery little is known. Apart from the obvious "structural" similarities with Queelag, and everything that could arise at the level of lore - in reality never much in-depth - what is striking about the boss fight is evident thanks to the presence of a fundamental NPC: Tark, the scorpion, one of the most fascinating of all Dark Souls II Arrived in his presence, however, in possession of the fundamental Ring of Whispers, the man will tell you that once he and his beloved lived in peace and fought together until, one day, the latter she has gone mad, ending up hurting the innocent, even her beloved, since her mind is now irremediably clouded by madness, by emptiness.

The man will help you in the fight against Najka, thanking you at the end for having "freed his beloved". We offer the best content to be a source of useful information, so here you can find guides, tricks, secrets and tips so you can enjoy your games to the fullest. Are you ready to get all the achievements of that game that you resist so much?

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Scorpioness najka

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Najka can be found in Shaded Ruins.


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Manscorpion Tark is a large half- human , half-scorpion hybrid residing in the Shaded Woods.


The wife of Manscopion Tark, a fragile soul created long ago by an ancient being in the throes of madness.