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Dark Souls is a game where you never truly feel safe. Fighting your way through it will eventually bring you to Gwynevere, the Princess of Sunlight.



Disclaimer: this is purely my take on DSIII lore based on my knowledge of mythology and the tropes commonly present in myths. G wyn, as Zeus before him, sired many children. In Dark Souls 1, we learn of three — Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight, Dark Sun Gwyndolin, and the unnamed firstborn, who was stricken from the annals of history.

In Dark Souls 3, we learn he was not alone. His younger sister Filianore was also forgotten by the masses, though for an entirely different reason. The Nam e less King, a renowned slayer of dragons, betrayed his father and sided with the enemy. Filianore remained loyal. During or after the war, Filianore was gifted to the pygmies along with the Ringed City. We can guess that, like most things, Gwyn did this out of fear — fear of men, and fear of the Dark. Filianore lies by the Dark, and her slumber seems to contain its spread — at least until Kaathe manipulates the people of Oolacile into releasing the Abyss.

The Ringed City is the Underworld. The Ruin Knights, Harald Knights and Zullie all travelled to the City and became trapped there, the way many mythological characters travelled to the Underworld to find something only to never return.

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And Filianore specifically is a good match for Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Persephone was the goddess of Spring, who spent half the year in the Underworld and half in the world above. While there, the world was blessed with new growth and harvest, and her return underground was marked by the death of plants and halting of growth. In some versions of the myth, Persephone was a prisoner in the Underworld because she had tasted the blood of Hades, and so could never fully return to Olympus.

Filianore is also associated with growth and plant life — her crest is an ornament of young grass, her Spears received the young grass bloom, and the wall of the Ringed City is paved with budding green blossoms.

Anor londo

Filianore is also marked by the Abyss — black tendrils are crawling from underneath her eyelids. If the Nameless King was the family disappointment and Filianore the family secret, these two were the family shame. Whether that god is Gwyn, Gwynevere, Velka, or someone else is unclear.

That makes it seem like Yorshka is much the same.

The children of the gods

But Priscilla never identifies herself as a daughter of royalty, while Yorshka does. This could be explained by Gwyndolin taking her under his wing and telling her about her heritage. But that brings us to the fact that Gwyndolin himself is part serpent. Unlike with the other two, we know for a fact he is both a of Gwyn and b not of dragons. But he still has serpent legs, and serpents are imperfect dragons.

In every game, we have a covenant that lets us achieve the form of a dragon. We fight half-serpent men in both games. A half-snake half-human doll is found in Ariandel. The Ancient Dragons themselves predate both Life and Death, which means however they came into being, they were not born.

And in DS3, dragons have returned to the world in a major way. In Greek mythology, Zeus sired many half-beast children. He did it by actually transforming into animals, but Dark Souls follows no mythology Just like serpents and dragons. This le me to my main point:. Gwyndolin and possibly Yorshka and Priscilla are proof it happens to gods, and I think that was the reason Gwyn hid them. This knowledge could also be the reason the Nameless King betrayed his father. Humans can also turn into serpents or dragons. We find Filianore embracing an empty shell.

Eggs in mythology often represent the World Egg, from which our world was created or a new world will be hatched at the end of the current one. Did somebody steal it? Unlikely, since somebody would have noticed. So something else maybe?

In Greek mythology, the Orphic Egg contained not a world, but Phanes, a primordial deity. Ra was also hatched from an egg, along with many other primordial creatures across many, many cultures.

These beings, in turn, often create new worlds or life themselves. And what do we know about the painter? She fits the mythological role of Cosmic Egg-hatched creator of a new world like a glove. This is what I think actually happened:.

Filianore was the goddess of life as Gwyn thought of it, but the Dark had life of its own — weapons and armor forged in the Abyss contained sparks of it, which Gwyn sealed away with the Dark. The humans who owned these arms served under the gods in their war against the Everlasting Dragons. But the undead already existed too — them Gwyn feared most of all. He saw himself and the gods as undying creatures of Light, and here he was, faced with undying creatures of Dark. But they did. He did.

Gael is an undead as old as the gods. Better her mother stay asleep than have her care for the Egg and raise the. He was also afraid of an entirely new world taking the place of his old one.

But Gael realised Gwyn was wrong. The cycle of destruction and creation is impossible to stop. He knew the old world would die no matter what the gods did, and that the creator of the new one would be born in the Ringed City. And he was right. The egg hatched, and out came the painting girl, long after Gwyn and anyone else who might have done something about it was gone.

So Gael took her, led her out of the Underworld and into the Painted World of Ariandel, a place for the forlorn and unwanted, where they would surely be safe from those who would try to stop the birth of the new world. There he raised her as his own, waiting for the day she was old enough to paint. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app. The Children of the Gods. It actually looks a lot like the holes birds create in their eggs when they come out. Like a mirror facing a mirror.

This is admittedly kind of a stretch though. I just like it. I feel bad for not talking about Gwynevere here at all. I blame FromSoft for their poor treatment.

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Gwynevere is the only daughter of Lord Gwyn , making her the Princess of Sunlight she calls herself Queen, but it's actually mistranslated from the original Japanese.