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From the entrance, proceed forward along the dark hallway. You'll find that this whole area is poorly lit, which makes exploration dangerous not only because of the enemies that populate the region, but because the tower itself is full of pits you can easily fall into if you're not paying attention. Fortunately, your journey forward at the beginning will take you to a safety rail, not a pit. From here, you can proceed either to the left or right. Start by traveling right.


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Add a guide to share them with the community. Dark Souls Achievements Chaos Weapon achievement. Game want to boost.

Chaos Weapon Acquire best weapon through chaos reinforcement. Dark Souls walkthrough. Hide .

Chaos weapons are special because they are Fire damage weapons that have additional damage that scales with Humanity up to a maximum of 10 humanity So chaos weapons will always be better assuming identical stats to Fire. In order to complete the Chaos weapon from scratch you will ultimately require 9 Titanite shards9 Large Green Titanite shards8 Chunks of Red Titanite and 1 Red Titanite Slab Red Titanite Chunks - Lost Izalith the tentacle monster plants can drop them and they respawn apparently, However the best place to farm chunks of all kinds is in the Kiln of the First Flame at the end of the game Here is a Chart which was created by an unknown so credit to whoever they are.

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Leave a comment. Note: the crossbow will ascend to a fire weapon but not a chaos weapon.

Possibly other weapons are like this. You may also want to mention how to find Vamos and mention that the treasure chest for the red slab is in the poisonous pit of Chaos Eaters.

Posted by The Nerevarine on 20 Oct 11 at Be careful, blacksmith Vamos can easily be killed by those shitty wheel skeletons. Damn those annoying creatures.

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At the bottom of the stairs you'll see a very strange creature a walking octopus?


It's widely believed that Dark Souls bosses are the epitome of difficulty in video games.


Since its launch on PlayStation 2, the Monster Hunter series has stomped in bold-yet-unsteady fashion—like one of its titular beasts—toward legitimacy in the West.


Taking on Dark Souls bosses ranks pretty highly on the scale of testing your gaming mettle, and if you're not prepared then it's likely you'll be squished into paste within seconds of stepping into the combat arena.