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Share this picture. Enter Code:. You have to in order to favorite this gallery. You are not ed in. Live Sex. Dawn Marie's Feet ed by stockingfootboy.


This is a alternate fantasy scene based on the events of the August 15, involving Dawn Marie and Stephanie McMahon.

Let me know what you all think. The Smackdown General Manager was not happy with the paralegal's gaff from the week in allowing some important papers fall to Stephanie's Raw competitor, General Manager Eric Bischoff.

She wrapped up her tirade on Dawn Marie.

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She donned a bold pink blouse with a dark bra underneath. She had a short black skirt and tall heels. Truth be told, Dawn Marie was known for keeping a button or two undone in her top, allowing views of her brassiere. She meekly looked up at her superior. A tall woman already, Stephanie donned four-inch-high heels, tools she used to assume psychological control over her foes.

She was also dressed in black blazer, a black V-neck top, and yellow shirt stopping just above her knees. A seething Stephanie stared her down until Dawn Marie and then returned to her desk. Dawn Marie did reach the door and was about to open it but paused.

What was she doing, she thought to herself. Was Stephanie going to talk to her like this? Was she going to let herself by walked over like this?

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Dawn Marie was a talented, intelligent, dominant woman. Some months agoDawn had managed to pit Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson against each other in the leadup to the Divas Undressed special. Dawn Marie took her hand of the door handle and turned on her pointed heels. She marched back up to Stephanie, who just lifted her eyebrows quizzically.

She got along well with him and was sure the older billionaire was into her. How could he not? She brushed her hands on the manager's clothes. Stephanie smirked, amused. What am I covering up?

She leaned as she said it, begging a response. Stephanie laughed and shook her head. She paused and then drew her hand back. She grabbed her cheek and hid her face. Stephanie stood over the paralegal looking proud of herself. Dawn Marie looking worried, emerged from hiding her face. Stephanie drop her amusement. This escalated quickly.

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Her hands crossed her chest, this time in a position of power. She saw none. Woah, Dawn. Did I say that?

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People make mistakes. Stephanie threw her arms up.

I forgave you. You forgive me? I hate you. People still see you as that brat from the Attitude Era shooting way above her station. Because this is all your fault for being an incompetent GM, not mine.

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An apology? Miss Marie. Dawn Marie shrugged. Stephanie immediately removed it, knowing it may be another slight against her. Stephanie nervously bent her long legs until she was kneeling in her own office. The manager stared up at her employee.

Dawn lifted her silky leg, imploring Stephanie to take it. Get to it. She looked at the shoe and then up at Dawn Marie. Now kiss that damned foot! After Stephanie looked to be complying Stephanie released her grip. Good little brat.

Keep kissing it until I say. Stephanie kissed the shoe on the toe and the sides, feeling the plastic pressing on her lips. This was so embarrassing for her. It was hard for her to believe that she went from reprimanding Dawn Marie five minutes ago to kissing her shoes. As she did, Dawn taunted her more. Since Mr. Stephanie looked up. Dawn Marie was her employee but she was a few older than her.

She dreaded the thought.

Dawn Marie knew that as another weakness. Taking in the odd plastic-y taste, Stephanie ran her tongue along the length of the shoe. Then she did it again.

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There were unprofessional? Stephanie brought the bare foot to her lips again dreading it even more. She kissed the top of her smooth limb and then down to her toes. She lifted it up and saw the specks of dirt on the bottom of her toe.

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She gave that an unwilling peck. Dawn Marie pushed her foot right into her face. Hold it right there and breathe it in.

Dawn Marie removed her foot and Stephanie gasped desperately for air. Stephanie held her hand to her chest. You are done.

Now suck my big toe. Her tongue ran the side of it. Stephanie gagged but had nothing she could do. Stephanie immediately went into a gagging and coughing fit.

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