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Seduction (e skill)

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Seducer - rogue archetype pdf

The minute you say no to your friends they accuse you of steamrolling and ruining their fun. My friends quit my campaign because after they destroyed my first encounter and I told them that "you roll to seduce with disadvantage while in combat" because they were angry that I would tell them how to play DnD. My friends were being he though I think Also, you can't seduce during combat.

At least in Pathfinder, any form of diplomacy takes a minute to perform. Which is 10 rounds of combat. Meaning that if you want to use that during combat, you're gonna be doing it while avoiding getting stabbed in the face for 9 rounds. Can't find for 5e, but 3.

In some situations, this time requirement may greatly increase. A rushed Diplomacy check can be made as a full-round action, but you take a —10 penalty on the check.

That's really ing helpful. They really raked me Over the coals for being a bully dm.

Basically I deed the campaign to have 3 states. Pacifist run, normal run, and genocide run. I was feeling undertale.

If they wanted to be pacifists they needed to really work for it and I gave them lots of do-overs a la space quest. My dungeon, as you can imagine, was really dense with lots of moving parts to really make the most of the mechanics I'd deed here. They seduced the guards at the entrance that I placed as bait for a "fight they would think was easy but actually gets them killed instantly" gag to introduce the importance of stealth in the dungeon.

Love, seduction and d&d

They seduced these guards who were also low intellect gnolls The guards who were blocking the path to the final boss. They got the pacifist ending with zero effort and I basically just bullted random encounters for the rest of our 4 hour block of time that was supposed to be used up in that dungeon It was Not fun.

Made me not wanna dm ever again to be honest. I'm glad to know they were more or less breaking the rules.

In my game i don't allow people to diplomacy or seduce main villains it's retarded now there are exceptions but if it's important to the plot then no. Per :.

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It also allows for your backstory to become a real part of your game-play.