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I guess I should blame myself for getting a used game, but after the final quest when I go to leave the game will load for a few seconds then take me to a black screen and my Xbox freezes. The way the press release is worded, and obsidians insistence on an absolute ending, what are the odds this will be a new character? Obviously, for the sneaky, Gold Bars are a pretty sweet prize, but for those unable or unwilling to glitch these treats out of Sierra Madre, Dead Money left a lot of people feeling a bit unfulfilled.


The sierra madre being alive contrast well is the fact that everything around you is dead. On a more personal level, it touched me. Seeing why the Sierra Madre was here, what happened, the fate of the people that were connected to it. If a game makes me feel things on that level, I can only consider it a very, very well made game. The theme of "letting go" and "beginning again is actually prevalent throughout all the DLC, and I really love that.

He HAD to get his revenge on a long dead man. This drove to his possible demise, it drove him to having a bomb collar forced on him and being forced to work with a bald mute and a giant super mutant, and a mailman with a bullet lodged in their head.

Christine couldn't let go of her mission, she couldn't let Elijah get away, which let to her vocal chords being ripped out and her brain being severely damaged. Dog couldn't let go of the Masters army, which lead him right to Elijah's feet. In Honest Hearts, the Dead Horses had two choices.

Wasn't dead money a horrible dlc?

Change their peaceful ways, take up arms and ultimately just become like the rest of the xenophobic tribes, or just give up their land and walk away, off to begin again somewhere new, only for the entire process to repeat itself later. The Think Tank in Old World Blues couldn't let go of their obsession with science, they couldn't admit they had any faults, they had become so dehumanized they didn't even recognize the Couriers fingers.

Dala even had a collection of teddy bears because she missed the feeling of something soft and warm against her skin, but because she couldn't let go, she can never feel that again. And of course, Lonesome Road. Ulysses couldn't let go of the Old World. He saw the American flag as something more than a destroyed nation from days long past. He had a sort of Enclave mentality, that HE can bring the country back. America wasn't destroyed, just divided, and he can bring it together.

He saw the Courier as a monster for destroying the Divide, he couldn't let go of the thousands of lives lost because of them. And it was ultimately his highly probable demise.

He died under the flag of an ancient country that had destroyed the world, unable to come to terms with the fact that in order to money progress, you can't old on to old world ideals. You have to let go. You have to begin dead, but do it better than your ancestors who caused this catastrophe. The Sierra Madre itself is a breathtaking location - it's charming, mysterious, claustrophobic, tragic, and very lonely. Singlehandedly one of the atmospheric locations in the Fallout games. The DLC itself is rather challenging through the use of the bomb collar, lack of weapons, lack of items, unique enemies and through that it encouraged many players to play outside of their comfort zone, to use new strategies and improvise.

The only suck is that it was too short. It kind of reminded me of Bioshock 2 am I the only one who liked 2 over the others?

Lets be honest and rational. dead money pretty much sucked.

Bioshock 2 is my favorite of that series. The first game is great but unfortunately doesn't have much replay value. You can never relive that experience of the "Would you kindly? The second game has a much more conventional action game plot: rescue the girl.

It's not the artistic achievement that the first game was. I can actually get choked up by the game's ending. Bioshock Infinite is a great action game marred by a pretentious-as-all-hell ending. I'm note sure I'd say I liked 2 more than the first game, but I still thought it was a solid title. Infinite was the only one I wasn't fond of.

You see, it's rather idiotic not to give rationale behind your opinion title. Dead Money is terrific.

I've played through New Vegas at least 7 or 8 times by now and Dead Money is one of my dead sections because it is the only part of the game that remains challenging for me, even now. The main reason why people rag on it is that it forces an abrupt change in the game's normal playstyle: You lose all of your favorite gear at the money and and are thrust into a survival horror environment with no fast travel but lots of tough monsters and omnipresent insta-kill environmental hazards.

It is normal to be frustrated the first time you play it. Once you adjust to that through, you have one hell of an adventure: Tough, suspenseful, and cleverly told, all set in an suck that is simultaneously spooky and starkly beautiful. The writing and voice acting is top notch. It was genuinely sad news to learn the other week that the guy who played Dean Domino died.

Just saying something sucked, is not a good enough argument. Can you explain why you think it sucks? That might make this post actually worthwhile. The environment is creepy and foreboding. The lore laid out in it is fantastic, very thought out and presented well. The companions are some of the best in the franchise, especially DoG. I really like how it pulls you out of your comfort zone.

If you run as a stealth sniper, you have to get used to using handguns, etc. Overall, it simultaneously pulled me out of the Fallout story while adding to it, giving a little glimpse into pre-war life but presenting post-war problems. I have only played it once, and I started at a very low level 5 if IRC so I died quite a bit, but that's on me.

Aside from that, I quite enjoyed it, the only suck I didn't like was the map outside. It was dark, everything looked the same, and between the mist and the als, I felt pretty disoriented. The money I felt like I had my bearings and was able to find a path, a would die and have to once again find my way. It did get dead frustrating, but again, that's on me because I decided to go in guns blazing when I had no business being there yet.

I thought the story was good, the characters were interesting and everything pulled together nicely. Wether or not it "sucked" is a matter of opinion, and not one I really agree with, but to each his own. I'd say it's brilliant. It completely changed the pace of the game, but did it in a fun, entertaining way.

It was a fun and refreshing change of pace and the survival horror vibes were just mint. Maybe I just had an easier time than others because I went into it at a fairly high level and luckily with some perks that supported me in that environment fairly well E. Them's Good Eatin'because I only had a couple of moments of real difficulty in the moments before getting into the Sierra Madre Vault.

About the only complaint I have about Dead Money was that the companions would never shut up. No, Dean, I don't need to hear you whinge about tourists for the umpteenth time, just be quiet and carry my shit. Remove the bomb collars and the hologram bastards and it's one of the best pieces of DLC ever made. But literally half the challenge is in the bomb collars and holograms.

Poll: didnt you just hate the new vegas dlc deadmoney?

Why would you remove all the things that made the DLC fun and challenging? People are saying that I make my reasons, well to be honest, I just did it to attract people and I can't fight the popular opinion youtubers create, it's impossible. I'd rather keep it like this and not disclose my opinion weather I like it or not. I take all the cash at the end because fuck the rules I have sneak The loot sucked. The only things worth using are the holorifle and security armor.

Also wtf Christine go to the followers and be with Veronica dammit. Found the internet! Dead money pretty much sucked. Sort by: best.

The environment is beautiful The atmosphere is awesome The few characters are wonderfully written and interesting The sierra madre being alive contrast well is the fact that everything around you is dead Poetic, nostalgic, melancholic very recurring theme with FNV, Old World Blues and stuff It was a feeling of emptiness, melancholy, sadness If a game makes me feel things on that level, I can only consider it a very, very well made game.

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