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Adult bookstore with arcade. Several booths have s with sliding wooden doors.

Machines take dollars and management is cool about arcade activity. Crowd mostly older but has some younger.

Dixie adult store & theaters

Went by yesterday and the holes were wide open. Too bad there wasn't anyone there cuz my mouth was wide open too Fulcrum and lennell me as soon as you can.

How is the action first thing in the morning? I'll be passing thru next week and may stop in before 9 or 10 am.

Dixie adult super store

Update: The barriers have been screwed back into place. Hopefully someone will loosen them soon.

Who actually goes into a place like that carrying a wrench, anyway? I was there this past weekend and they had put up new "barriers" between the glory holes again. But someone had already unscrewed the ones between the booths in the middle. Why do these stores do that?

Dixie adult book & video

Those holes always get opened back up somehow no pun intended! On the negative side, it was really dead in the booths. I am not an exhibitionist so I don't go into the theater. I was there and didn't go into either theater - couldn't tell which one was gay and which was straight. I usually have a pretty good time here. I'm not the exhibitionist type, and am pretty shy, so I don't go into the theater.

Instead I usually go to the booths in the back and wait to see what comes along. My only pet peeve is when someone comes along who doesn't interest me usually very old or obeseand they don't understand the meaning of the word "no". I politely slide the partition closed between the booths to al that I'm not interested.

Sometimes they actually try to slide it open from the other side, thumping on the wall. Guys, c'mon, take a hint. If I had been interested I wouldn't have closed it in the first place. I'm not being rude, just honest. No means NO! Oh, and the clerks are always polite to me.

Dixie adult book & video

Azjkar -- the gloryholes are in the back video booths, go down the hallway by the wall, past the front set of video booth, turn tot he right and come back up the back hallway. There are 6 boots with 3 gloryholes between them. I've been in every booth and have bent over and backed up to each gloryhole. I do find that the action here is a bit slow most of the time.

As you can see, I go to this place quite often. I have to admit, I do NOT use the video booths.

Cirilla's adult store dixie hwy

I only go in to the theater area. There are NO cameras in the theater. I was there one night when a person came inand demanded the clerk give him the cash from the register.

BUT, I have never heard of or been there when there was vice action. Now I am NOT saying that fiercebear is not telling the truth. I am sure that he has no reason to tell anything but the truth. And there are times that I have been there, when there were very few guys there. But, I have never been lonely or did not get what I went there for. Sorry fiercebear that you have had a different experience.

Gay Travel Guide. Up. Follow Us:. Homestead City Map Events areas bookstores. Neighbourhood: Naranja. Hours:Sunday through Thursday - am to 2am. Best times: Noon, after work, and late night weekends. Dates open: Sunday through Thursday - am to 2am. Either sit in LAST row of theater and wait for a guy to start playing with his.

Then suggest that you want to it. Most guys will walk over and let you it. Or, if you want ed off, stand in the back row and pull out your. Also, some guys go to the VERY front of the theater, next to the movie screen where it is hard to see what is happening and and in "privacy. I have seen guys totally nude getting ed, but mostly guys just unzip or pull there pants down.

Wheelchair Accessible:No Warnings:There are s that say - "Do not stand in the hall or you will be banned.

Total x adult superstore

Photo Gallery Videos. Your Comment:. Was looking at heading over later tonight, just wondering if the barriers are still up? Name the time Fulcrum. I'll be there for you baby. Anybody heading there in the morning this week?

Has anyone been here lately? I was wondering if there was still some action going on here. Do alot of black guys visit this place, if so what is the best time. Site Map.

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