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  • I am 44
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  • I'm cameroonian
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  • I love man
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  • I’ve got enormous brown eyes
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  • Aries
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Its In Their Nature or Your cat is bored, frustrated. Cats have needs, too. You should need to put extra protection for your pet. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question.

Anonymous answered. Does he also suckle on the blankets when he kne?

From my experience with cats, I would bet that your cat may have been taken away from his mother too soon, or was a bottle fed orphan, and this is why he still suckles like a kitten or kne the blankets like he is pressing against a mothers belly for milk.

It is a comforting thing for him to do. Totally harmless, but if he is humping while he is doing this, then I have to ask if he has been neutered. If not, then this could be breeding behavior and he is just "in the mood".

Why is my male cat humping my blankets?

Nothing to worry about. Just a way for your cat to comfort himself. My cat is doin it right now, on a blanket I have over me.

It's just a physiological need they have, just like us humans. It's not smelly and won't leave any marks. If you don't like him doin it on your blankets, find him a fuzzy one and try to keep it at his reach so he can use it anytime he wants. It won't harm you neither your. Just like you don't harm them when you're doin' it Sarah Alberton answered. Although your cat's hormones are "taken care of", there are still some reflexive als coming from his brain. Although he might seem like he is taking pleasure from humping, odds are he doesn't know what's going on either, or he would be looking for a female companion.

Don't worry, this behavior is very common in male cats.

Don't be grossed out, but feels like he needs to hump much like clawless cats feel like they need to scatch on things. Get him a stuffed animal or a blanket and put it in a special place where he will be able to exercise his need.

Don't give up on him! Often male cats given lots of attention and love will get over this habit, or at least do it less often. Good luck! Its perfectly normal but if you find it annoying don't blame the cat, its instinct just buy him a fuzzy stuffed animal and place it somewhere suitable for him when the need arises.

My cat also does this He looks up at you with a creepy look too. He is not yet a year old and he is neutered but he sure cats to hump the soft blankets I just think he is a weirdo! I always joke masterbate my cat is trying to make baby blankets. He's doing it right now, in fact.

There's no problem, no stress. He's very happy in a good home.

So quite frankly, they do it because it feels good. It's his natural sexual urges and personally I think it's fine just to leave him be when he does this. Maybe move him to a specific area in your home if you don't like him to be near you when it happens. Unfortunately, my cat likes to try and mate with my bare arm.

It's very bizarre. I just hiss a lot and toss him off. Beckie Lett answered.

Ok - really weird question is it uhm masterbation?

Hi, I work in a Veterinary Surgery and I would advise if you are unsure whether he is 'fixed' or not then you should take him to the Vets and double-check he is definitely 'fixed', otherwise if you let him out he is able to 'sew his wild oats' and you may not want that to be happening as male's can get rather boisterous after they have and then are 'fixed'. My cat does the same exact thing!!!! He kne my fluffy blanket, bites it, meows weird, and than he comes running to me to try and bite me.

I'm so confused!!!! He's neutered too. I love him, he's the cutest. Molly Elliott answered. Oh my, I am so glad I found this. My male neutered cat is about 14 and has just started doing this at night when I am sitting in bed reading. I found it very very disturbing! He has his own soft blanket at the end of my bed but usually just kne a minute and then lies down to sleep. I may try the stuffed toy because I never get to just sit and pet him anymore.

I hate it! Warrior and Malysa Unless the behaviour of the cat becomes impossible to control any other way, I truly do not favor "fixing" your cat. HOWEVER there are instances where it is healthy for the cat, and I've noticed it is especially helpful with female kitties who have hard time with her "time of the month" or males that are too aggressive.

Um i have some gross questions

It is more favorable to do when there are small children or the elderly in the building, as well. I only support people who de-claw their cats when there more at-risk peoples involved, especially the elderly. Yes you still have hands, but they can't be used nearly as well as they should be.

With proper care and handling, every cat has the potential to make a wonderful house mate. I just didn't want anyone thinking one way is better than the other. It masterbate down to personal preference. Trap-neuter-return is a great way to stop overpopulation in your community, and the HSUS has great information and resources even financial aid for those looking to give their outside kitty neighbors a better life.

My male cat grabs my blankets and has his way with them and often my leg or my boyfriends all the time. He's just having his cat. It often doesn't take long and he'll be off playing again in no time. I want to try and get him a stuffie, though. Gets kind of annoying, and the look in his eye gets creepy from time to time, haha!

Chloe Audrey answered. I don't want to sound gross but it could be two things 1-the smell from sexual intercourse or 2- smell from your menstrual cycle, if you still currently do both. I have had that happen to me in the past. Veronica Young answered. The best way to stop this is by getting him fixed, if you choose not to do that it is just a natural thing male and female cats seem to do especially during the spring, which is their heat season. Hims horny, you might want to flip out on him, to beak him of it.

And give him a stuffed animal that likes to hump. Warrior Princess answered. Wow, look at all the 'get him fixed' people. I know the arguments about getting male and female animals fixed, but we use these nice terms to describe these barbaric acts.

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Sometimes animals just masturbate though it can be dominance with other cats.


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