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  • I'm 35 years old
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  • I’ve got large green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • I have abundant ash-blond hair
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  • My figure type is muscular
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  • Whisky
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  • Latin
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  • Fishkeeping


Morrigan can only be romanced by a male Warden.


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Your main character can have sex with Wynne starting in Ostagar and at the camp, but is not a romance, more of a casual thing. I think the mod "Equal Love" or "Improved Atmosphere", maybe both or neither I can't remembermakes it possible. You have to pay attention to their conversations No idea what all IA can do, hate the irreversible changes it makes, so don't use it but it's not this.

And know for a fact that Equal Love simply removes the gender-checks used before certain convo branches, so no impact at all on male PCs. There is some woman-of-the-world banter with Zev, but nary a hint of anything Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Nexus Mods. In Create .

Romance-able Wynne? Started by jawnOct 09 PM. Posted 09 October - PM. Does anyone know if Wynne is romance able? Or does any one have any back ground info on this subject? Just curious, as I've tried to get her positive up quite high and nothing developes.

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Posted 10 October - AM. Thandal Faithful Kobold Companion Staff 23, posts. No, she is not. Strictly a grand mother-figure. Posted 10 October - PM. If you get her esteem high enough you will get her personal quest, but as Thandal has said no romance. Posted 13 October - AM. I'm sorry!

I guess it's my fault that I didn't make my post more clear. I knew she wasn't romancable; however, what I was really asking is if there was a mod out there that made her so. I was in the mod section and it transferred me to these forums.

I apologize for the miss-understanding.

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Still "No". Posted 20 October - AM. Zeldrik Stranger Members 7 posts. I don't think most people will want to romance her, unless your character is as old as Irving the awkward moment when you make an old looking human male with beard and stuffs. Then listen to younger looking Bryce Cousland called you son But it's a "grandmother" type of awesomeness, not the lovers type lol Edited by Zeldrik, 20 October - AM. Posted 22 October - PM. Zerican32 Regular Supporter 80 posts.

Dont you dare tire her outremember she's on borrowed time as it is. Posted 09 December - AM. DwainDibley Enthusiast Members posts. Posted 09 December - PM. I apologize I forgot to mention, female only.

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Ostagar is a sexually charged place for the women, with all its pre battle, women only, orgies and dalliances, even Sir Cauthrien gets a little nasty. I believe the "ZDF" and "Origins 9. There's about 1. And I'm fairly certain that IA adds to that total.

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Wynne is easily one of the more likable companions that players recruit in Dragon Age: Origins.


The Dragon Age franchise is known for having some rather intriguing romantic storylines, particularly in Inquisition, and giving players the option of romancing some of their potential companions.


Approval mechanics are a little different for every Dragon Age game.


Wynne evidently died during the abomination domination.