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This post may contain affiliate links. See our privacy policy. You see it often, both in real life and on the feeds. The intimidation factor of the shorts-and-heels combo comes from the inherent conflict. It begs the question: are you dressed up or dressed down?


In fact, they keep saying this is one of the five biggest faux pas in fashion.

Bet you never thought this outfit formula could work

Plus, both of them are the most fashionable shorts. I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. No doubt, the question can I wear heels with shorts is trending on google these days. Yes, if a slight doubt came into your mind when you read about that rule, you were right.

Bet you never thought this outfit formula could work

The thing is that most of the fashion editors think about the mini shorts when this question pops out this season. You know those mini shorts that barely cover the bottom? So yes, that is why we now keep reading about this no high heels rule when it comes to the shorts.

Even so, as said before there are two exceptions.

Two types of shorts you can wear with the high heels. And guess what? Both of these shorts are most stylish shorts. And what is more, one of these shorts happen to be one of my favourites on the go items every single summer. So what shorts you can actually wear with high heels?

26 easy ways to style your favorite shorts with a pair of heels

Well, after seeing all those photos above you already know one type of shorts. But repeating it, just in case you are listing to Siri reading this text while you are driving to your work. And tailored shorts that are work appropriate too. Yes, there is something about mini skirts and heels too. So make sure you subscribe for the new post notification alert say yes when the question pops up or click on the bell in the right bottom corner.

Short dress heels images

First the fashion cheat sheet you must keep close, just in case, a word comes up to the shorts the next time gather up with your squad. Joke aside, be sure to save, pin and print this collage to make sure you always remember there is an exception of the high heels and shorts rule.

Have I mentioned that this picture is shoppable too? Just press anywhere on the picture to see the pink frames popping out and then click on the items you want to have a closer look at.

A link will take you to the store where you can purchase it. You can also find a link in the copy below. Nevertheless, there is one thing about the high heels I need to mention first before we head on to the blazer. The best heels to wear with your shorts are actually still fashionable pumps, the plexi pumps. Or if you want to play it safe while looking more summer-ready, the strappy sandals with block heels. In fact, block midi sandals go with any shorts. I got strappy sandals from By Far shop here.

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It kept raining for days, and another layer was a must at the time we took these photos. Plus, a blazer elevates the shorts.

Explaining why the next time. And yes, that Juicy Couture. But my other favourite brand does. Shop here.

By the way, you were asking me about my favourite brands on Instagram. I answered that question and shared a list of my favourite brands there. So be sure to follow me on Instagram to see the list. You can also ask me a question in my insta story. Every Wednesday! Now you know!

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There is a way to wear high heels with shorts too. All you need is silk or tailored shorts and the right heels, and you are good to go. And believe me, no fashion police will give you a bad mark if you wear shorts with high heels like I did this time. Especially not if you wear this chic casual summer outfit for a Sunday brunch. Or maybe a business brunch when you are inviting. By the way, what shoes do you wear with shorts?

High heels, flats, midi-block heels or sneakers? Do you prefer silk shorts or tailored shorts? Reactivate it to view this content.

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How to wear shorts with heels

Can I wear shorts with high heels? Yes, if you wear silk shorts or tailored shorts.

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You may be wondering if you can wear high heels with shorts.


There was a time, at one point, where it might have seemed unconventional to wear high heels with shorts, which is when we asked celebrity stylists for their expert opinions on how to style the look and remain polished.


The combination of shorts with heels is very much in trend at the moment.


The combination of shorts with heels is very much in trend at the moment.