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  • Age:
  • I'm 18 years old
  • Iris color:
  • Lustrous blue eyes
  • Languages:
  • Russian
  • Other hobbies:
  • My hobbies blogging
  • Tattoo:
  • None


The simple thought of Harry having his head buried in-between your legs always sent him into a tailspin. He always wanted to be be right between your thighs, continuously lapping his tongue up and down your folds. So being right between your thighs where he could feel and hear you falling apart from his tongue was definitely his favorite place to be.


She loved going places and exploring new stuff, but sightseeing topped them all.

She admired how nature looked, she was always emphasised by the beauty of it. From the vibrant colours of flower all the way to the flowing sparkly water, she cherish seeing every single item nature made. Her hands in his hair—holding them tightly, adrenaline flowing her veins.

Eating out?

Harry left her clit with a popping sound to push her thighs apart and throw her legs on his shoulder, the angle gave him a better look of her flushed face. She could see the lust dripping down his green orbs that were now noticeably darker.

Taking his arm over her leg, he widened the folds of her pussy. Better access of light showed him the glistening pink flesh of hers that was wet enough for him to glide his tongue inside.

He knew how much she enjoyed the rub of his scruff against her plushy skin. So without further thinking, she grabbed him by his hair and put his mouth back on her.

His mouth, was now once again back on her licking. He sucked on her like he never saw something more beautiful, and savoured every taste like never ate anything more luscious. His tongue dipped inside of her, and his other hand worked their way on her clit, giving it a hard rub.

The cold rings covering her fingers, touched her warm skin sending chills all over. She could feel the coil tightening in her belly as she tightened her grip on his soft curls, feeling bad too of course.

Harry sensed that she was near to giving in, he felt the way her body moved. He licked her from bottom to top, just stopping at her clit. He peeled up at her throw his eyelashes, and smirked. His swollen lips took her bundle of nerves in sucking harshly.

And Harry wastes no time collecting her juices, savouring every drop of it. After he cleans her with his tongue, he pulls away to look at her—chin glistening with her juices as he gives her a toothy grin.

Indefinitely on hiatus — cags eating his girl out when she's on her period

IDKKK harry styles x reader harry styles writings harry styles smut harry styles smuttty imagines harry styles smutty imagines harry styles angst harry styles fluff harry styles blurbs harry styles girlfriend harry styles stories harry styles one shots harry styles concepts harry styles hs hs1 hs writings hs imagines harry styles imagines. I am bold, daring and fearless, I make no effort to stand out from the crowd, this sort of thing comes naturally to me.

I am the pattern on a plain canvas from which excitement springs. I am guilty of being different and make no effort to change. I am basically like Neo from the Matrix.

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Request: Could you write a Kai one shot where his gf and him get stuck in a snowstorm?


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To start You should never just go from making out to eating a girl out.