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  • 37
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  • Dark-haired hair
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  • My body features is chubby
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  • Opera


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For his loyalty to Harald, he was named Thane of Morvunskar. Rikvard was a crew member of Ysgramor's ship, the Ylgermet. Rikvard was left out as one of the scouts to keep an eye on enemy forces, as Ysgramor suspected that the Snow Elves would attack them.

The Harbinger's suspicious proved correct as a Falmer battalion tried to ambush them during the blizzard. Rikvard was the only scout that managed to survive and he ran through the snowstorm to warn his crew members of the coming army. Because of his efforts, the Atmorans were ready for the attack and managed to defeat the elves.

Skorm is no different. The two met while competing in the Vindhelm bear wrestling tourney and became fast friends despite Skorm's being several years older than the young Harald. Having been bested by Harald, he swore to serve him and has been his right-hand since. He was Harald's First Mate during their raids and when Harald became Thane of Morvunskar he became his Housecarl and followed him there. Skorm is married and has two kids, all living in Morvunskar with him.

He also has family in Vindhelm, a mother and an older sister who has her own family. They headed straight to the palace and he waited for the thane in the hall while he went to check on his father. A few minutes later, Harald returned. Skorm could tell from his facial expression that the Jarl's health wasn't getting any better.

The thane ordered him to fetch the Steward, Holma Brimill, and bring her to the great hall. The housecarl asked around and learned that the steward was at the city docks. He found her busy overseeing the loading of a shipment. He told her to meet the thane at the great hall when she was done, then headed there himself. He found Harald deep in drink and ed him to lighten his mood. Skorm told him about his family, they joked and drank until Holma finally showed up.

Echo the snowstrider (xl, bad dragon)

Harald ordered her to bring him up to speed. Holma listed off a bunch snowstrider mundane tasks that the Jarl had yet to oversee and the problems of the citizens and the local area. Harald interrupted when Holma mentioned something about a dragon.

She explained that one was spotted near Yorgrim. Apparently it was hiding out in the Velothi Mountains south of the town. Harald decided to put out a bounty on the dragon. Harald and his housecarl took a ship to Yorgrim, arriving in the morning after the news of the bounty. He had written on the bounty for any willing snowstrider to the him in the Chief's Longhouse in the town so the thane headed there to await the adventurers. He didn't have to wait long as later that same day two Companions arrived to accept the bounty, a man and a woman.

Most of the Companions of the Ylgermet had left a few days prior on an Orc hunting quest, so Harald wasn't surprised that only two showed up. Still, he wasn't pleased with this. Fighting a dragon was work for more than two people. A foreigner arrived, also wanting to pursue the dragon.

He ed in the conversation after a quick introduction. They had narrowed down the area where the dragon was likely hiding, as Harald had sent some scouts from his company at Morvunskar. The echo was also going on this quest, since the three of them were too ill-equipped to kill a dragon. He told them to get ready as they would be leaving soon. He paid them part of the bounty upfront. The man, Jofrodr, took all the gold himself. After the bounty hunters left, Harald asked what his housecarl thought of them.

Skorm thought they had potential and voiced his approval of the thane's decision to the hunt. He had been wanting to go after the dragon, but would never go against the thane's wishes. Harald learned from his father to do things with his own two hands. They gathered their own supplies and awaited in the town square with horses and a sled until the bounty hunters returned. The foreigner, Kane, got on Harald's horse while the Companions took the spare. They rode for the southern forest at the foot of the mountains. Jofrodr asked Kane for his reasons for coming to Skyrim and the foreigner mentioned his clan, Clan Silver-Tongue, asking Harald about it.

Harald had heard the name before and assumed them to be echos of Companions that didn't remain in Skyrim after the Return. They suggested that Kane seek information from the Skalds to learn more. Eventually they arrived at the forest and ran into Harald's scouts. They told them about a clearing that they discovered that wasn't natural, clearly caused by the dragon's thu'um. While they were discussing the clearing, a masked woman approached them. The thane questioned her in the dragon tongue. She replied and let it slip that the wasn't alone.

Harald looked around for her associates. Skorm and the others began to get ready for combat. The cultist, Heyvahrik, told them to stop what they were doing. She was clearly a Tongue. Harald told the others to stand down and questioned her motives. She wanted to halt their hunt without bloodshed. Jofrodr stated that there were no more cultists, having cast Life Detection to search the treeline. Harald aggressively asked her why they shouldn't just kill her and her dragon master, as they weren't going to allow such a dangerous beast live so close to Yorgrim.

Dragon review echo snowstrider

Harald asked her if she would step down and let them kill the dragon. She argued, trying to appeal to their simpaties to the endangered dragons. She failed, the Atmorans had no empathy for their former overlords.

The female Companion, Reyl, said that there was no reasoning with zealots and Harald agreed. They were at an impass. He ordered Heyvah to step aside or fight. Heyvah chose to fight. Skorm threw the thane his weapon and Harald shouted, but the woman shouted as well. She began to move incredibly fast, faster than Harald with his Whirlwind Sprint. Not only that she moved more fluidly than him with his shout.

Skorm snow-strider

She tripped him and then took out his three scouts, before disappearing into the treeline. All they could see of her were blurs as she moved. When she was gone, they questioned what happened. Harald knew the shout that she had used, Slow Time, he had heard of it during his training with the Hawk Cult. It allowed her snowstrider slow down time considerably, which made her appear to go fast while in fact they were the ones slowed down. Harald told them of the limitations of the shout and they came up with a strategy to use against her. They chased echo the cultist, but she was long gone.

The sun was going down, so Harald decided to make camp. They headed to the clearing, finding evidence of a recent battle there as they heard the cry of a dying animal and found fresh blood in the snow. The thane told them to investigate in the morning, as they needed to get the camp ready to last the winter night in the wilderness.

They took turns on watch, Jofrodr taking first shift because of his Life Detection spell to keep and eye out for the cultist. Nothing happened during the night, so the group got a full night's rest and packed up camp in the morning. Harald chose to follow the blood trail in the clearing. There was dried blood near the fresh one that followed a parallel trail. Skorm suggested that it might from a survivor of the dragon attack that caused the clearing.

The trail led to a cave not far from the clearing. Inside they found a fresh campfire who's ashes were still warm.

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