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Welcome back to Pro Wrestling 's Hall of Shame. We've had some new items and displays set up in the HoS, you may have noticed the addition of Glacier's entrance gear, the furry body suit of Giant Gonzales and a basketball that does in fact, hold grudges. The Brawl for All was the first inductee into the Hall of Shame, and the second inductee is a man who had a hand in booking the Brawl for All, Ed Ferrara, better known as Oklahoma or Vince Russo's best and only friend. What some of us didn't know was that Russo brought along his writing partner Ed Ferrara.


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ed Apr 21, ed May 18, These are the questions that must be asked. ed Apr 3, ed Apr 10, He basically says the thought of working with Vince McMahon 1 on 1 without Russo made him quit. Tells you something about Vince McMahon. ed Jun 15, Cliffnotes finished! ed Sep 11, ed Sep 21, Weird how I was thinking how much of a burden all the extra shows must be on the creative team and even back then they were bitching about SmackDown.

ed Sep 15, ed Sep 23, To expand on the whole "Make the NXT guys seem like stars" portion: the main reason why these guys and girls are failing is because we're never given a reason to care about them on their debut. You don't just run a flabby troll out in a dirty diaper and say "Oh hey guys, the inspirational Bo Dallas is here.

Stop commentating under the assumption that everyone watches NXT. Is she a special education student? Why is she doing this stupid dance? This is just confusing to the audience, and in an era of incredibly short attention spans and technology, people would rather get on their smart phones and read Twitter than attempt to process this information. Give us back stories, go into detail about their characters, show clips of their NXT work, etc.

This company over-complicates things for no reason. ed Nov 19, I wish people would talk about Seth more. It would be nice to here insight about him and what they think his future is looking like. It's always about Dean and Roman.

Ed ferrara

I agree wholeheartedly about Roman. It's amazing how everyone can see his current character is stupid and he needs to do something different, but WWE is just like "Nope. Cena Lite! But hey, what do we know :lol Ambrose isn't there yet, but he will most definitely make it.

If they keep giving him solid booking, it will be a much more faster and smoother ride for him.

That says a lot. Bring Back Russo said:. Tangerine said:.

Who made them JR or Ed? If it was Ed Ferrara then he is my new hero omfg!!!! ed Feb 26, I certainly hope Lesnar does extend his contract.

Brock said:. ed Oct 6, I'm listening to it now. I don't think your cliff note about him not being interested in NJPW is accurate.

Ed ferrara-i quit wwe because i refused to work alone with vince

He said he is interested and likes NJPW a lot and it motivates him. And he wants to say he was able to do an NJPW event and would be willing to do it if things can be worked out. So I'm not sure where you got that he's not interested. Weimer16 said:.

ed Dec 27, JR's ability to not take offence to anything is super human. the discussion. Continue with Facebook.

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Pro wrestling's hall of shame: ed "oklahoma" ferrara

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