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  • 37
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  • Panamanian
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  • Gemini
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  • Folk
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More and more women are getting behind the wheel fulfilling their need for speed.


A study commissioned by a phallically named insurance company proves beyond all doubt that the unbridled roar of an Italian supercar turns women on but the soft purr of a fuel-efficient econobox doesn't stimulate anyone's MPG-spot. David Moxon subjected 40 men and women to the sounds of a Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari, then measured the amount of testosterone in their saliva.

He found everyone had higher levels of the stuff — a measure of their arousal — after hearing the revving exotics, but the amount the women had was off the charts. The study was commissioned by the ultra-exclusive British insurer Hiscox we swear we're not making this upwhich was curious to know how people respond to high-end luxury cars.

To test the theory that high-performance cars get people hot, Moxon had 40 men and women listen to recordings of the three Italian exotics and a Volkswagen Polo. Everyone had ificantly more testosterone after hearing the exotics, and all of the women were turned on by the Maserati. The guys, on the other hand, were drawn to the Lamborghini.

As for the Polo? Everyone had less testosterone after listening to it.

That means the acceleratus interruptus of a Prius going all-electric in traffic is automotive equivalent of skin flicks starring secretaries of state, despite General Motors' claim that nearly nine out of 10 women would rather talk to a guy in a hybrid than a Porsche. Don't buy it? Check out these videos of Maserati, Lamborghini and VW Polo exhaust notes and tell us how you feel afterward. Be forewarned, though — we are not responsible for any primeval responses they cause.

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Life is hard for the average male exotic car owner.


Draped in alacantra , leather or velvet, we live in an era where the pedal is being floored not just by boots, but pumps too.


Have you ever wondered as to what is the most important element to attract women towards you?


For decades, a sales technique at auto shows employs female models attired in tight dresses or miniskirts wearing uncomfortable heels, smiling and posing enchantingly.