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Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail is one of the most popular action manga and anime franchises in the world, and it will soon be breaking new ground with its very first console game developed the team at GUST studios and Koei Tecmo.


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Fairy tail was ruined for me for the excessive amounts fanservice in every episode and sometimes pushing it to far. I just dislike huge amounts of fanservice and I know plenty of people enjoy it. Basically I need help. How bad is the fanservice in these shows compared to Fairy Tail? I don't mind a little bit of fanservice here or there. But when it is overdone or too sexual it prevents me from enjoying it.

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Especially because I have siblings and family around. Here are they anime I want to discuss 1.

Bleach 2. One Piece 3. Stone 4. My Hero Academia 5. One Punch Man 6. Black Clover 7.

Tokyo Ghoul. My hero Academia.

I'd say not too much 2. Dr Stone. I've only gotten to like episode 15 and I'd say it's pretty clean Aslong as I do that it's okay" - Ruiko Saten. If you consider women going around in bikinis to be fan service then one piece has tons of it.

The others don't have any. Theres one girl who wears like a swim suit from time to time but thats her drip she just know how to dress, she isnt sexualized zoomed in on or even anything like that when she does have that shit on its because shes drunk off her ass slumped over or some shit The closest thing you'll get to fanservice in BC. These shows have zero fanservice. My Hero Academia: Never had any problem watching it I despise Fairy Tail's fanservice too it didn't have any noticeable fanservice like the type of fanservice that Fairy Tail has.

Don't think it had anything sexual in it because Deku was just simping innocently and I don't think that counts as fanservice lol 5. One Punch Man: Nil. Nul sexual fanservice 7.

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Tokyo Ghoul: This was safe when it comes to fanservice but the gore is a different story. I wasn't created in this world to entertain everyone"- Oreki Houtarou. A lot of series do fan service because their series is uninteresting without it, you would lose your attention span if there were no booby. I don't know how to tell you this, but even without fanservice a lot of stuff weebs accept as normal in anime is weird as hell.

So if you think a lack of boobies will suddenly make anime family friendly I'm sorry to say that isn't the case. Shonen anime is marketed at young boys, you better believe there's going to be massive honkers in there. Stone, OPM, One Piece, and TG barely have any fanservice, the latter does have a spicy sex scene in season 4 but it's done tastefully, so I don't think you should have problems with it. Black Clover can get a little daring but nothing remarkable. My Profile. My Anime List. My Badges.

I totally agree with you, i hate excessive Fanservice and i avoid ecchi taged anime. Bleach and Black clover have a few here and there but not too much. The rest has but very limited, watch out from tokyo ghoul re season 2 there will be an episode with an over 18 warning.

BNHA is all 'bout that fanservice life JK there was quite the fanservice, with Mineta there to amplify it by 10X the unnecessary amount. I am the handle of my mop Rags are my body, and detergent is my blood I have scrubbed over a thousand floors Unknown to sick leave Nor known to pay Have withstood abuse to sweep many surfaces Yet those hands will never hold money So as I clean, Unlimited Maid Works. None of those anime have any except One piece and haven't watched black clover so dunno about it.

Same for Bleach.

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Though there you may see half the breasts exposed by Rangiku and adult Nell but not much else. Also they add background stories good enough to detract from all this. A little but mostly harmless 2. One piece is mostly overly large breast syndrome and teeny tiny waste on women. It's a lot less noticeable or obvious pre timeskip No real panty shot stuff in it though.

Just Oda taking it to the extreme a bit on the female character des. Not really. I can't think of any instances. Unless muscle definition is considered fanseervice on characters who are naturally strong anyway. My Hero Academia. None off the top of my head 5. One Punch Man. Black Clover. You have Vanessa but the little fan service there is explained as a defining character plot trait. For one piece the fan service is almost exclusive to the anime. Toei makes the boobs post ts the size of small moons and they just keep getting bigger. Obviously it's not nonexistent in the manga but it's much less imo.

It depends on what you mean by fanservice, but by my book, One Piece has plenty of fanservice.

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Every female character seem to have breast transplants in ridiculous proportions, and dress like they're showing off to the girls at a night club, all the time. Even the underage characters look like they're about to give you a lap dance. Stone has exactly the same issue. Bleach has some of this also, but it doesn't have that many female characters comparatively, and My Hero Academia as well, has a more gender balanced cast, where the female characters don't get much screen time anyways.

One Punch Man is practically a parody, so any under-dressed female characters are intentionally placed, and thankfully there aren't that many.

Black Clover I haven't seen. Tokyo Ghoul, again, is a very male dominated cast, there are a few girls that are relatively safe. I don't remember if there are any lame sexual jokes or not. I mean they didn't hold back that cliche for the opening villain that clearly used her sexual appeal to hunt men.

The protagonist's virgin-like behavior was the reason he found himself in that situation in the first place. So although I don't remember much, I'm sure there are the awkward male and women slapping him for misunderstandings type of thing. My subjective reviews: katsureview. As far as I remember, there was no fanservice in One Punch Man. Fridge24 said: Fairy tail was ruined for me for the excessive amounts fanservice in every episode and sometimes pushing it to far.

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The story follows the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel in the guild Fairy Tail as they perform odd jobs that you would find in a classic RPG to make a living.


Most of the characters are sexy.