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Faker, a three-time world champion with T1 widely considered the best player to ever enter Summoner's Rift, earned his 2,th career kill in League Champions Korea on Thursday. It's an unprecedented mark in the LCK and brought to mind the countless other big moments The Unkillable Demon King has been a part of. Here's a look back at some of the iconic moments in Faker's career that led to Thursday's milestone, from domestic dominance to inspired international play. Ambition had no cover from minions, allowing Faker's Nidalee to lead with a close-range Javelin Toss, followed by a shapeshifted all-in to kill Ambition under tower. Prior to that Champions split, few knew about Faker. He was revered across solo queue in South Korea but had never competed professionally on a big stage, other than to qualify with SK Telecom T1 2 for Champions a couple of months before this moment.


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This may have been possibly be the greatest League of Legends play I have ever witnessed. The amount of skill is takes to pull off this play is immense.

Riot pay homage to faker with new league of legends zed skin

I will break down for you guys on what happened in this spectacular play. Faker then reactivates Death Mark to dodge Shadow Slash. Faker then uses Quicksilver Sash to remove the Death Mark and Ignite damage, preventing damage they would have done.

Faker throws a Shuriken at Ryu's new position and it connects. Ryu swaps back to his living shadow to retreat from the battle as he thought he would kill Faker with his Death Mark.

Faker then lands an auto attack to increase the damage of the Death Mark that was applied to Ryu Faker then flashes to prevent damage and keep fighting. He also uses ignite for extra damage on his Death Mark.

Ryu flashes at Faker trying to deliver the killing auto-attack blow to finish him off but Faker uses his Living Shadow to dodge the auto attack with Living Shadow and Kills Ryu with Shadow Slash. No comments:.

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After Ryu used most of his abilities to chunk faker down to near death, The Unkillable Demon King began his outplay.


But Ryu told him not too, and Insec looked away just as Ryu used his ult.


At this time, Champions used blind pick, rather than draft, in game fives, which meant the possibility of mirror match-ups.