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It is one of twenty games from their catalog to the service recently, and arguably one of the best Fallout games. The opening cutscene of Fallout: New Vegas portrays the player character, known as the Courier, being shot in the head by a ruthless mobster named Benny.


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I know very little about how to make mods and I know this probably won't be possible until the G. Technically this could work in canon since the Courier has the choice of letting Benny escape after he is captured by the Legion. In the mod he would have traveled east in fear of Mr. House and end up in the Commonwealth, meeting the Sole Survivor. I have some of the concepts written out, and have an idea for different origin stories for Benny's arrival in the Commonwealth based on the possible choices the Courier can make in NV.

Cool idea.

Biggest hurdle I see coming up is that you really aren't allowed to port things from other games. I can also see re-making his coat to a higher res being kind of a pain.

I don't think the textures and meshes would need to be imported; you could make a new custom revolver for Maria, and for the clothing, the FO4 suit mesh with maybe a re-toned Checkered Shirt texture applied. The sticking point would be the sound files; maybe have an empty folder where the player could copy-paste " Fallout - Voices1.

Fallout dialogue — best of benny’s quotes

Once the main file is there, splicing dialogue falls under fair use. There's already hd texture mods for Benny's gear on the FNV nexus, so we could port those with a bit of work with the modder's permission of course.

That's an awesome idea! The author even spliced vanilla dialogue; it was really expertly done.

The author has generous permissions, and is still active. Thanks for linking that mod, I'll probably use it on my next playthrough!

As for an alternate start, I have a feeling that would be a little different since FO4 uses a different engine, but there's always Tale of Two Wastelands in the meantime. People modding the Wasteland.


Found the internet! Concept Benny Companion in Fallout 4.

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It is time to stand face to face with Benny.


I always end up wanting to check up on companions when I start the game after the one they appear in.