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  • My sex is lady
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Note: this is one part of a four-part play session. My mate walked past a bush and a description popped up, and a prompt to press E to forage. Any idea how to fix this?


Post by 2Pix » Thu Aug 08, pm.

Post by RoyBatty » Fri Aug 09, am. Post by 2Pix » Fri Aug 09, am. Post by Risewild » Fri Aug 09, pm. Post by 2Pix » Fri Aug 09, pm.

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Missing HUD General help and troubleshooting. Post Reply. No text, compass, AP, health, ammo counter, just nothing.

That is in vanilla state. I managed to install DarnifiedUI for TTW from here and now im missing still the compass, ammo counter and any "popup text" when pointing to doors, things, people etc.

It was on a clean install of the whole system i actually did it inside a VM as i had some clogged installation from the past on the real deal. I've literally spend a week on it as i had to recode the files over night.

Can you please point me how the font entry should look like? ature: Have a problem? Try checking our FAQ. It might have the solution for it.

Want to mod your game, but not sure which mods to use? Check the recommended and incompatible mods thre.

Hudeditor customize your hud at fallout 76 nexus mods,

our Discord Server. I was able to get using Darnified UI at least something of it and yes, i modified the ini file for the fonts iwas thinking i missed something in the TTW installation partusing the readme inside the compressed file - still missing things. I was mentioning Darnified UI as it someway helped me from my problem, not that i want to use it which i dont want to.

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Fallout 4 might be one of Bethesda's best and highest-rated games , but certain elements don't really stand the test of time.


Fortnite Battle Royale's new mode needs to be a fixture.


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