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File information Last updated 13 August AM. Original 04 January AM. ed by jaceanmikhael. Virus scan Safe to use. About this mod Adds basic pool creation tiles and water tiles to your exterior settlement builds.

Requirements This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game. Author's instructions Added Dependency on Settlement Keywords. File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file.

Donation Points system This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Version V1. Both straight donations and premium membership donations accepted Donate Donate premium membership. Fallout Pool Party The purpose of this is to add basic water features and functionality to existing settlements until GECK is available.

I've also added some aesthetic water features and bodies of water to add to settlements. More water related items will be added and things will be refined as we go along or until GECK comes out and does it better.

Any compatibility issues or major glitches not already noted below please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Updates v 1. I'm considering adding pieces from Season Pass as well but for right now I've tried to keep this available for Vanilla only but Far Harbor and Nuka both have some great pieces to be added.

Water features have been set so they can be used freestanding and do not need to be connected to any existing body of water. Note 2: Water will give the "wet" status effect and will let you build on water but it's mostly just aesthetic right now.

Limited actual use beyond visual. Once we can create custom scripted water blocks it will have a lot more functionality. The deck furniture referenced is the basic pool tiles from The Slog, still adding additional Pool related textures and items from within the game.

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I also added the Saugus smelting pots since they made for a good junk pool base replacement for the Institute elevator. Fountains also work great. Note 3: Had a few people asking me how to use this to place Water Purifiers as I mentioned above - ed example images. Place a water top layer small or large but small has been ground sync and you need the water at a proper z level to register for purifiers even a few small panels in a line will do and the workshop will now recognize this as a water tile allowing you to bring in those industrial purifiers to areas with no easy access to water.

This does not currently work for water features or visual water floor transformations.

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Water Placement - Sometimes when placing the water it gets finicky and doesn't want to allow you to place certain items the large water bodies are most common culprit but sometimes the water features will as well this is because your z placement is off where it thinks it can fallout the water, swap to a top layer small or large and tilt camera down towards the ground instead of straight out this will usually fix the placement bug and allow you to place whatever you were wanting to.

If you can place a top layer and there isn't something in the way of the pool pathing for placement then there should be no reason why it shouldn't be able to place. I tend to use the top layers as a good way to gauge if it can be built on. Visual Clipping - When placing in workshop mode and not console mode pools will usually be placed by default above the Z line this will result in them being slightly hovering over the actual ground, best solution pool to select the pool and drop mod to just above z level for the main ground level of where you are placing.

I've also added the puddle as a good way to use as ground cover over the area you are placing the pools which will help keep it looks more seamless if you are not building something to encase the pool and leaving it open. Water Object Placement Limitations - Large water bodies are considered ground transformations like a shackfoundation as a way of pool creating usable water BUT currently the larger water bodies do not allow mod placement of Purifiers or tarberries on their own if the location does not have inherited water references already working on that - if you figure it out, shoot me a line - if you want to use a large body of water for purifiers I'd recommend just using the top layers and save the cpu fallout but if you want to keep the large water, just throw a few top layers above or below the pool in the area where you want to place your purifier and it will allow you to place object like any initial cell placed water.

Costs of Materials - I've reduced a lot of the costs on the placed items since especially with things like the puddle or small top layers, you're going to end up wanting to layer bomb an area to get a nice coverage.

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Bad Pool Placement will kill your settlers! Settlers are like small children, they aren't really capable of making their own life saving measures. So if you decide to place a pool in your settlement in an area where your settlers are hard locked to Like their beds or homes they will still go through their routines and try to go there. Then they will drown themselves.

It's incredibly stupid AI mechanics at play so just be aware that these are user placed bodies of water and not cell placed with an accompanying location nav mesh so despite the fact that they are swimming in it, they can't seem to realize that they shouldn't sleep or just sit around in it. Move the settlers or turn off ai while placing if you're concerned.

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