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In Fire Emblem Fates, characters learns a variety of Skills depending on their chosen class. Skills can be learned when a character reaches a specific level in their current class, depending on what tier that class is.


So being still inexperience with how to optimize char in fire emblem, i like to know what boon bane, skill, etc.

Anna transparent fire emblem - anna fire emblem merchant

Im aware that this wont allow me to use the yato but i can live with that, since theres quite a bit of sword user in the group anyway. That and well i just love how adorable Corrin look walking with a big bag around town. Kinda related but is it possible to make Corrin play a more defensive playstyle by giving skills such as seal speed and negating double attack? Sorry if its sound vagueish as Im still not comfortable with the games as a whole.

Also FYI this is going to be on a playthrough in revelation on lunatic classic. Cause i guess im a dumbass. Merchant will be a huge help in Lunatic, because free gold! Also, you're not dumb, and this is an amazing question. For straight damage, the usual flaw is -Def, because the mods work out to something decent.

For the gimmick build, you don't want to hit your offensive parameters, so I'd go with something like -Res. For tanking, go -Spd, because Wary Fighter exists. Stock up on Gold Bars before hand, and fish one out of storage every time you attack. You'll do something like an extra 25 damage per hit, but due to the way Life or Death works, you will wilt if the opponent gets to hit you back. For the tank build, you'll want a pair-up partner, and Wary Fighter and Nohrian Trust. The other three skills depend on what you want to hit.

I'd specialize in lances, and keep a Guard Naginata armed at all times. It was fun looking up stuff for this build, because I rarely make tanks.

I agree with a lot of what eclipse said, and Merchant seems like a very fun class, imo its in there with Great Master and Smith for underused cool classes imo. Merchant's pretty cool because of that Profiteer skill.

If you're running a female Avatar that uses the Merchant class as her final class, you can try running the following skills:. Witch's Brew DLC : free potion items such as vulneraries and concoctions during the first 7 turns! You can see the theme here. For better activation rates, you could have Luck boon for such a setup but that's up to you. I-I didn't completely forget about the existence of Sol, I swear!

Thanks for the great info. These builds all sound good and heck, the gimmick build seems very intriguing! Although being risked in bring killed in one round isnt very tempting since it will be on classic lunatic haha, already got the likes of Ophelia to worry not getting horribly murdered.

Ill probably make a tanky Corrin as it seem this fire emblem makes variety build nice even if not most optimal. Nohrian Trust, to some extent, can let you play 2 different skill builds at once -- that is, if you don't mind having Corrin's support unit being a skillbot the skillbot unit would be running the proc skills needed for a tank Corrin like Pavise, Aegis, Miracle, Aether, and Sol. Ill most likely juse use them as a skill bot, bit unfortunate when unit are relegated to potion duty or what not but it happens. Does help that Merchant can use bow so there will be decent option on what to use just gonna be hard to see a bow that doesnt double people.

That does bring up a question ive been contemplating, which pairing would be good for F Corrin? Ill most likely just pair people on this playthrough on the goal of min maxing since ive done my "casual" runs of all three route.

Edit: Also when is it a good time to reclass units? I mostly assume when you gotten or need the skill of this or that class but there be cases where you want to reclass them asap because of stats growth such as turning various character into dread fighter from what ive read here.

Siegbert also gives good Luck bonuses to his partner, so thats always a plus.

Fire emblem fates’ latest dlc maps feature series’ merchant girl anna

Likewise Jakob or Gunther also works for similar reasons plus people usually give Siegbert to fellow Merchant Midori. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .

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Merchant (class)

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Fire emblem fates – how to recruit anna

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And I do in fact love his personality.


The Merchant statwise pales in comparison to many other offensive classes, but combining Profiteer and Spendthrift together creates a character who can pump out damage when equipped with enough Gold Bars get more Gold Bars by regularly feeding Lilith in MyCastle as well.