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  • Years:
  • 61
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Ecuadorian
  • Hair:
  • Auburn
  • Hobbies:
  • Cooking
  • Piercing:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • No


Andy thought he had died and gone to heaven when he discovered that vendors were selling black market RealFeel bodysuits at fractions of retail costs. Sure he figured he was going to get what he paid for, but something was better than nothing. After tracking down one of these vendors, Andy excitedly made his purchase- some blonde thirty-something model- and it even came with a pair of clothes! The realism was unmatched, and it was every bit as comfortable and natural as the name brand models. In a frustrated panic, Andy waited for several hours, but the man never returned. Defeated, Andy went home and decided to come back the next day.


Anthony was a small man who worked at the DVLA in Swansea processing driving photo cards using the large machine they had there is churn out the new s. He did not have much of a social life, and spent much of the time he was not drinking down the pub with his only friend Bernard who worked at the local zoo doing sculpture in his own home.

Anthony was a man who took being slighted very seriously and ever since he had been bullied at school had enacted petty revenges on those that he felt had done him wrong in any way. For instance a rather large man had aggressively tailgated him on a dual carriageway and had been flashing the lights of his Audi to try and make him pull over. His name was Richard Evans and the database pointed his address as being local in Swansea.

Anthony had worked for about a week and a half on a sculpture of both his own face and one of Richard Female face. Using the two sculptures he was able to make a thick mask that fit over his own face and had the big jowly stories of Mr Evans. With the aid of a padded bodysuit fat suit and some oversized clothes from a charity shop Anthony was able to make a passable resemblance of Mr Evans.

With that he reserved a table at the top restaurant in Swansea, The Wharf side Retreat and ordered the most expensive meal possible. On getting up to go to the toilet he slipped out the entrance without any of the staff noticing him and legged it as fast as he could in the fat suit. As the family vacated the space this woman in her Renault Clio nipped in from the other side and stole his space. He took careful note of her registration and discovered that she was called Kathy Williams from Port Talbot.

Using her photo from her driving he was able to carve a likeness of her face and made a realistic looking mask. He bought a blond streaked wig that matched her hair style and attached it to the top, a blouse and bra from a charity shop and made a couple of seed bags to fill the cups. Anthony drove the car to the site of the most notorious speed cameras in the area and then fitted the mask and breast inserts to his disguise so that from the waist up he looked just like Kathy. He felt exhilarated as he drove at 50 mph through the 30 mph zone ensuring that he went through as many speed cameras as possible.

At the end of his little speed ram he headed home, removed the plates and removed the disguise. Over the past month Anthony had started to develop a feud with his new neighbour, a woman by the name of Claire Hughes. It had started when Claire had paid someone to cut down the tops of the lovely fir trees that Anthony had been nurturing on the side of the garden. A row had ensued. A week later her boyfriend female started to come round and stay over at the house.

The Lord of Petty Revenges wondered just how he would get her back when he overheard her telling her big lump of a boyfriend that she had an important works function on the 20th of next month and that he could come along as long as he behaved himself. There was no way he would pass for Sean her boyfriend since he was 6 foot tall and Anthony was a story at only 5 foot 7 inches, about her height. Could he possibly pull of such an audacious revenge he wondered to himself? He needed something better and went into a sulk for several days as he grumpily concluded that the bodysuit thing would be impossible.

Then when googling the internet under the search term disguises he found a site called Bodysuits. They seemed to make female built full bodysuits for transvestites that were really lifelike. The photos of men wearing them with and without a mask were quite impressive and Anthony knew that he had the answer to his quandary. They were expensive but Anthony knew that the price for revenge would be a small one. He needed to fit in her clothes and could see that she had a tight waistline.

Over the next few weeks he completed the new mask of Claire and practiced daily talking in her voice. Opening the box was an exciting experience for Anthony and he noticed that his member was particularly excited at the bodysuit. The story was made of a thin but sturdy latex foam compound that had a bit of a smell to it. Before any big night out, women bathed in all sorts of nice smelling bath salts.

Z-8 female bodysuit (gender bender erotica)

He found a nice selection that he hoped would be powerful enough to mask the smell and filled a bath with warm water, the scents and then deposited the suit into it before he went to work. For the rest of the day he was excited and impatient to try it on and went through his job on automatic. When he got home he satisfied himself reading the instructions on putting the suit on and off whilst he cooked a light meal. It seemed that the legs went on just like a pair of tights another thing he would need to practice and then he needed to manipulate his member into a built in pouch in the suit that linked up to the fake vagina.

There were diagrams in the booklet, but Anthony was itching to try it on in person. The rest of the suit he needed to get into the arms first before zipping up the small zipper at the back.

Bodysuit stories

It was ringing wet but it certainly smelt alot better than before. He opened up the back and parted the long brunette hair so that he could slip it over his features and mould it into place on his face. As he adjusted it he touched up the edges with bits of make-up to ensure that it blended in. He looked at himself in the mirror and barring a bit of brushing out the story, he looked female Claire without any makeup on the body of a gangly man. Next he put the story on and started to tighten it up around his midriff.

The pain in his midriff increased as he tightened and he realised that he was going to need to do this nightly for his body to adjust to the new shape. By now the suit was nearly dry and Anthony towelled off the last remaining bits before taking the suit off the rail and sitting on the toilet to start putting it on. The legs were relatively easy to slide into, though he had to stop to ensure that his toes fitted into each individual toe in the suit. As he pulled it up he looked down at the inner workings of the vagina and realised he would need to check the instructions again.

It seemed that he needed to push his balls back up into a cavity in his body so that there would be room for his member to slot into the pouch provided. It felt kind of funny when he did this, and then he slipped his member into the tube and attached it to the catheter provided. As he pulled the suit up over his hips and bum his dick was naturally pulled by the tube underneath him.

He slotted his arms into the sleeves of the suit, and then struggled to get his bodysuits to match up to the fingers on the suit. He had to be careful that the long nails at the tips of the fingers did not tear the suit as he aligned his fingers into them. Lastly he tried to reach around and pull up the zip at the rear of the suit. After several attempts he realised that this was going to be an issue and that in future he might want to attach a rod with a hook on it to assist him in doing it up.

After five frustrating minutes he finally caught the tiny zip and started to do it up. The suit was tight on him and difficult to zip up, but eventually after a bit more bodysuit he got the zip up to the top of the suit.

He looked up at himself in the full length bathroom mirror and saw Claire Hughes story on his toilet. He stood up for a better look and noticed his wider hips and lovely full breasts which he cupped in his hands, fondling them greedily. Then he decided to explore down below to the full lipped vagina sitting below the mass of brunette pubic hair. He was a bit disappointed as although the opening went in a ways into his fake body, it was dry and not at all realistic. He still needed to learn about make-up, walking in heels and generally practice at being ladylike — all things instilled in real women, but a mystery to most men.

Sitting down on the toilet to pee was a very strange experience and Anthony marvelled at how well the fake vagina channelled his pee round and out through the slit. It was amazingly lifelike from all he could tell and started to make him think he could really pull it off. Friday was the female night that week that he did not practice at being Claire as he had his usual meet with Bernard down the pub for a drinking session.

They usually have enough to knock an elephant out for about 4 hours. Something the size of a rat would need female less. As he sat in the pub drinking and talking to his friend he began watching the women in the pub. Normally he would watch them to eye them up, but now he was starting to watch how they moved and their little mannerisms.

Be good for you mate. He knew that Bernard would leave it for now but would come back at him at some time in the future. By the end of the following week Anthony had got quite good at impersonating a woman. This would stop him asking questions and give him a way of story out his disguise before the big night. He applied the mask and the blond wig and made his new bodysuit up. He started bodysuit round the corner and almost immediately caught his heel on a broken bit of pavement, losing his balance and falling to the pavement.

He cussed under his breath, thinking silently that he needed to get revenge on the man responsible for organising the repair of them, and silently adding them to his list. He picked himself up and was relieved to see that no one else had spotted his tumble.

A dead woman’s skin

He was surprised when it was not Bernard but his younger sister Anwyn who answered it. Anthony was slightly caught off guard and had to think for a second with his mouth open. He still had his khaki shirt and shorts on from the zoo and Anthony thought he looked a bit like a wildlife hunter. Anthony knew that if he were really a girl he should be blushing now, but the mask did not allow for that so he decided to play bashful instead. Anwyn came to his rescue however. Now apologise to Tina. Perhaps the two of you could come round sometime when my brother has developed some manners.

He could not be two people at once. Remembering the gun Bernard handed it to Tina carefully. The darts are in this box. Tell Ant not to use too bodysuit in each dart or those rats female be sleeping into next story. As he turned and walked away with the gun he heard Bernard comment to his sister that he wondered where Ant had met her. Anthony was conscious to keep his concentration on the walking and not falling over.

As he round the corner he visibly relaxed. He drove back home and as he was stuck at the traffic lights near the art gallery he noticed a man in a van checking him out.

It was both scary and nice at the same time and he got a peculiar thrill out of it. After practising hard all night when he got home, he had fallen asleep on top of the bed still with his suit on. Anthony awoke suddenly as the light streamed and as he bolted upright he sensed his chest moving up and down. Something was odd as well, with his morning glory that was feeling very restrained. He brushed the hair out of his eyes and looked down at the breasts and fake vagina below. He smiled as he played with breasts briefly, but stopped as he smelt the stale sweat that had built up in the suit.

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